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Amazon drops prices on special-edition Xbox One wireless controllers

Amazon Microsoft Xbox One Wireless controller special edition deals discounts best price
Sport Red Edition Xbox One controller Image used with permission by copyright holder

Did you rage quit Sekiro and send your Xbox One controller flying across the room? Does the stock color of your standard device no longer excite you? No worries! There are a few deals on special-edition Xbox One wireless controllers from Amazon, along with a few solid wired options as well.

There comes a time in every gamer’s ownership of a console when a controller refresh is needed. For those console or PC gamers who use the Xbox One wireless options, Amazon has discounted a collection of special-edition controllers with stylish color schemes and designs. These premium controllers can make a quality addition to your gaming setup, and it’s seldom that we see the prices drop on these top-tier devices. 

Before falling in love with any of these designs, check out our guide on the best Xbox One controllers, just in case you’re not sure about the best options You can even save a few bucks on the Tournament Edition of one of the top third-party options that make the cut in our guide: The Razer Wolverine. We’ve compiled some of the best deals you’ll find and some alternative wired options if you’re not so much worried about what player two gets to use.

Phantom White Xbox One controller Image used with permission by copyright holder

Amazon deals on specialedition Xbox One wireless controllers

  • Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller – Sport Red Special Edition – $59
  • Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller – Phantom White Special Edition – $59
  • Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller – Minecraft Creeper – $54
  • Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller – Volcano Shadow Special Edition – $65
  • Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller – Minecraft Pig – $60
  • Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller – Combat Tech Special Edition – $68
  • Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller – Winter Forces Special Edition – $50

Amazon deals on standard and Elite Xbox One wireless controllers

  • Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller (Black) – $46
  • Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller – $154

Amazon deals on third-party alternative Xbox One wired controllers

  • Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition Wired Xbox One Controller – $108
  • PDP Wired Xbox One Controller – $20
  • PowerA Enhanced Wired Xbox One Controller – $20

PC gamers can take advantage of these deals as well. The wireless special edition Xbox One controllers can be used with a PC by either using a USB cable or purchasing the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows. The third-party alternative Xbox One wired controllers, however, can be plugged right in.

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To have a chance to nab one of these controllers, people need to follow Xbox Game Pass on Twitter (or X, as it's being rebranded to) and retweet (re-X?) a tweet (an X, I hate this) that the account will eventually post before August 13. What you do after you get one of these is on you.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem hits theaters on August 2. 

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