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Got young kids? Get three months of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited for only $1

Just because most kids in the U.S. are at home and out of school for at least the next few weeks, that doesn’t mean they have to be bored out of their minds. Amazon dropped a subscription deal to help families. Amazon Prime members can get a three-month family plan subscription to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited for $1. This limited-time deal ends April 15.

With a FreeTime Unlimited family plan subscription, up to four kids can have virtually unlimited access to more than 20,000 popular age-appropriate apps and games, videos, books, Audible books, and educational material. Educational content is from trusted and recognized sources, including PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, and Disney. There’s also a kid-friendly browser with which children can access a curated selection of tens of thousands of websites and videos.

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Amazon FreeTime Unlimited runs on a wide range of operating systems and devices, including Fire Tablets, Fire TV, Echo, Kindle, Android, and iOS. The Family Plan FreeTime Unlimited subscription works on all supported devices, so one subscription is all you’ll need to access FreeTime with multiple devices.

The content with FreeTime varies depending on the specific devices. For example, because Kindles are optimized for reading books, you’ll find age-appropriate book titles. With Fire TV, kids can watch selected kid-friendly TV shows and movies. With Fire TV and FreeTime Unlimited, parents can add purchased streaming services and films to the FreeTime profile for your kids.

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited also has parental controls. You can manage your child’s FreeTime use with your child’s device settings or access the Amazon Parent Dashboard. Parental controls and settings include time limits, and you can set age filters, so each kid in your family can enjoy age-appropriate content. Parents can select content for ages 3 to 5, ages 6 to 8, and ages 9 to 12 for each kid on the family subscription.

FreeTime Unlimited is fun, but it’s not all just entertainment. Parents can set educational goals for each child to present goal-focused apps and material. Among the parental settings is Learn First, a setting that blocks cartoons and games until the child meets the day’s educational goals. For devices with a Bedtime feature, parents can also configure FreeTime to shut down for the day at different times for each child.

Ordinarily, FreeTime Unlimited subscriptions are based on the number of children and whether the family has an Amazon Prime membership. A single child FreeTime Unlimited membership usually costs $5 a month for Amazon customers or $3 per month for Prime members. A FreeTime Unlimited Family membership for up to four children Is $10 a month or $7 a month for Prime members or pre-pay $99 per year or $69 for Prime members. With this timely special program, when many children are at home unexpectedly, Amazon is offering a three-month family plan FreeTime Unlimited subscription for just $1. Regular subscription rates will apply after three months unless parents cancel.

This deal is available to new subscribers to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited or to existing FreeTime Unlimited subscribers to ether the Single Child or Family Plan Monthly subscription.

FreeTime Unlimited is a value-packed subscription at any time. With millions of children unexpectedly spending time at home out of school and out of contact with their friends, a FreeTime Unlimited subscription can help your kids continue with their education and access appropriate entertainment.

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