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Amazon discounts Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite — now starting at $70

Are you a big reader? Amazon’s Kindle e-reader remains the master of the sport — the most efficient way to take your library with you and read it, too — and the company keeps improving each version. The newest Kindle includes a built-in-front light, allowing you to create a cozy reading nook anywhere, and right now it’s on sale for $70, that’s $20 off its original price of $90. Meanwhile, the Kindle Paperwhite, which is lighter and has higher resolution and more power, is $30 off, down to $100 from $130. That’s more than 20% off!

Amazon Kindle — $70, was $90

The major leap forward in the newest kindly is the built-in front light, which majorly changes the game for this little wonder device. Kindle has always boasted a pretty strong lighting game for its screen, with 167 ppi, but it’s generally recognized that a back-lit light source isn’t always optimal, no matter how good it is. Most of us like to have a secondary lighting source by which to read, as it really helps readers see the words, not to mention their surroundings, especially that cup of tea or can of soda that will invariably end up on the floor. The tenth-generation Kindle solves this dilemma by adding a front light, which makes a real difference. Now, it doesn’t matter whether you’re on a long flight, or your train ride home from work, or just a corner of your kitchen — they’re all turned into your private, cozy reading nook. This a hugely helpful feature.

Aside from the light, the Kindle offers a 6-inch screen, with optimal grayscale, 4 GB of storage (which can hold literally thousands of books), Wi-Fi support for both hot spots and traditional Wi-Fi, and free cloud storage for all your Amazon content. But the real selling point is another kind of storage, namely the battery life. The Kindle can last for four weeks on a single charge (using Wi-Fi dramatically affects this number). That’s where the rubber meets the road, because a traveling library that would have to be plugged in all the time is hardly a traveling library at all. But that’s the magic of Kindle — four weeks of reading on a four-hour charge. Get it now for $20 off!

Kindle Paperwhite — $100, was $130

Reading a Kindle Paperwhite in van

Think of the Paperwhite as your Kindle that’s in training, like boxing training. It’s thinner, as in thin-like-a-few-sheets-of-paper thin — 8.18mm versus the Kindle’s 8.7 mm. It’s lighter, too — 174 grams versus the Kindle’s 191 grams. So we have a more lithe fighter, but it packs more of a punch, too, especially in its screen, which is the same size as the Kindle, but much, much brighter, 300 ppi versus the Kindle’s 167 ppi. Nearly double (it accomplishes this with an extra LED). It can go more rounds, too. The Paperwhite’s battery can deliver up to double the charge of the original Kindle, which means not having to charge your e-reader for up to 6 weeks. Incredible! Amazon has doubled up the storage, too, from 4 to 8 GB, so you can travel with many libraries.

But a great deal of the difference you’ll notice is in the design, and not just the brighter screen. The back of the Paperwhite has a soft, rubbery feel, which makes it easier to rest it on surfaces, and to grip. Most importantly, it’s water resistant. Amazon says “waterproof” but let’s not go crazy here. It might survive a drop in the tub while you’re reading in the bath, but you don’t want to take your Paperwhite scuba diving. Internally, it’s much the same machine, but there are some software feature upgrades. First, you can easily switch to inverted mode if you prefer to read white text on a black background, which is often helpful. Also, you can disable the touchscreen, which is something many of us activate accidentally with unintentional presses when we’re just trying to read (it leaves page swipes alone). Add you can get it now for $100, that’s $30 off!

With good size screens that imitate physical book sizes for easy reading, the Kindle is a great way to take your library on the go. This summer, we’ve seen some amazing Kindle deals, but act now and you can get $20 off the newest Kindle, with a built-in front-light and $30 off the Kindle Paperwhite, which is lighter, brighter, and even more powerful.

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