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The Eero Pro Wi-Fi system is $200 off in early Amazon Prime Day deal

Amazon Prime Day is finally upon us, and early access deals and exclusive offers for Amazon Prime members are already trickling in. Sure, smartphones, laptops, and speakers will likely be the hottest products in Amazon’s annual midsummer savings event, but there are plenty of other electronics bargains worth your attention. Now, Amazon Prime members only can secure an early Prime Day deal on a mesh network wireless router, with the Eero Pro Wi-Fi system now just $299, down from its original $499. Prime membership certainly has its perks, and early access to deals like this is a prime example.

Wireless routers are not the sexiest piece of tech in most homes. In fact, many owners may not even know how to set one up. But, an iffy Wi-Fi connection is unacceptable in 2019, so if yours is subpar, then a new wireless router might be your best bet. Digital Trends declared the Eero Pro to be the best home router kit of 2019, for its impressive combination of capabilities and range. With three Eero Pros included in the Prime Day deal, your new Eero system replaces a traditional Wi-Fi router, Wi-Fi extender, and internet booster, bringing fast and reliable coverage to spaces as large as a five-bedroom home. The second-generation Eero Pro is twice as fast as its predecessor and can be easily installed in minutes, and managed via mobile app. Best of all, the Eero Pro updates automatically once a month, ensuring you always have the latest upgrades.

The Eero Pro’s advanced tri-band mesh network lets you connect one Eero Pro to your modem and use the others to extend range by up to 1,500 feet per device. Proprietary TrueMesh technology powers the Eero Pro to leverage multiple wireless access points into one seamless system. If you have a smaller home or a tighter budget, consider the smaller Eero Beacon, which extends the wireless range up to 1,000 feet. Pair one Eero Pro and one Beacon together for just $149, or add in an additional Beacon for just $50 more. If you’re an advocate for audio assistants, consider picking up an Amazon Alexa to pair to your Eero Pro and unlock hands-free commands.

Amazon Prime Day proper is still a few hours away, but you’ve probably already got plenty of other things on your shopping lists. Make things easier on yourself by securing these savings on a new Eero Pro Wi-Fi system now.

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