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Get this $42 Nest Thermostat alternative before Prime Day ends

Amazon Smart Thermostat hanging on wall.

The Prime Day clock is continuing to count down, and it’s causing Prime Day deals to ramp up. With Prime Day officially ending at midnight tonight, one of the best Prime Day smart home deals you can still get your hands on is the Amazon Smart Thermostat, which is just $42 at Amazon right now. That’s a savings of $18 from its regular price of $60, and it’s a massive savings if you’re comparing it to the $130 price tag of the Nest Thermostat. This deal ends at midnight, so click over to Amazon now to claim it while you can.

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Why you should buy the Amazon Smart Thermostat

While the Google Nest Thermostat may get all of the attention when it comes to the best smart home devices, it’s pricey and isn’t necessarily the best device for everyone. The Amazon Smart Thermostat is a comparable device at a much more reasonable price point, and it’s just as easy a way to switch from a traditional thermostat and help reduce energy usage in your home. It’s an Energy Star-certified thermostat, and even has an Energy Dashboard that helps you understand the energy usage of various devices in your home.

One of the most enticing features of the Amazon Smart Thermostat is its integration with Alexa. In fact, not only is it one of the best smart thermostats for Alexa, but it integrates seamlessly with the smart assistant, as Amazon is the maker of each product. In combination with Alexa, the Amazon Smart Thermostat can do all of the programming for you, automatically updating the temperature to keep you comfortable. It also makes installation and set-up a breeze, as Alexa is capable of guiding you through the process. You can even control the Smart Thermostat while you’re on the go, with Alexa bringing the ability to control the Smart Thermostat from anywhere.

And maybe you don’t have the greatest Alexa Skills, or maybe you’re not sure a smart thermostat is the right option for you this Prime Day. Apartment dwellers aren’t necessarily able to control all aspects of their living quarters, but you can still bring the best qualities of a smart home to your apartment with our guide to how to build a smart apartment. But if you know a smart thermostat is right for your home, the Amazon Smart Thermostat is a capable, versatile, and affordable option.

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