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Ancestry, 23andMe DNA Kit Prices slashed for Black Friday

The biggest day of sales is finally here and there are Black Friday deals to be found everywhere. Amazon’s Black Friday deals are definitely some of the best and you can currently find DNA kits for as low as $59 on the company’s website. If you’ve always been curious to look up your genetic makeup or ancestry, these deals were made for you. Shop these DNA kits today and discover the origins of your family.

AncestryDNA — $59, was $99

With almost 30,000 ratings, this is the most popular DNA kit on the market. Your entire family history is only a few easy steps away. Just activate your DNA kit online, send in a swab of your saliva, and have your results ready for you within 6-8 weeks. You’ll be able to discover all the ethnicities comprised in your genetic makeup as well as discover where your ancestors really came from. You’ll even be able to explore old artifacts like passport photos or marriage certificates with Story Scout. Even build a family tree to learn more about your genealogy or connect with long lost relatives. If you’re curious, you can also discover all the whereabouts of your past ancestors, along with why they moved. All your data is encrypted as well — you’re the only one who has full access to it. Get the AncestryDNA kit now for just $59 — usually $99.

23andMe Health + Ancestry Service — $99, was $199

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Discover more than just where your ancestors came from. With this DNA Kit, you get a comprehensive overview of your family’s origins, as well as a full report of your traits and health. Learn about your pet peeves; for example, why you hate the smell of gasoline, and even check if you’re a carrier for any genetic conditions. You can even find out how your DNA affects your lifestyle factors such as genetic weight, muscle composition, and Alcohol Flush Reaction. You’ll also be able to find any long-lost relatives and discover your connection to them. You even have automatic access to your family tree so you can learn more about previous generations. Your data is protected, too: it’s up to you to decide what you want to learn or share. Get the 23andMe Health + Ancestry Service now for just $99 — down $100 from its original price of $199.

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