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This Full HD projector is just $70 at Amazon for Cyber Monday (seriously!)


Ever wanted a full HD projector but not been able to justify the price? Right now, you can buy a full HD projector for just $70 at Amazon as part of the Amazon Cyber Monday deals. We’re not convinced you’re going to find this good a deal for a while again. It’s a great way of enjoying a large-screen projection experience for less.

Ordinarily priced at $110, the Apeman 5000L mini projector is down to just $70 saving you 36% on the usual price. $70 really isn’t a lot for a projector so we really won’t blame you if you find it an irresistible purchase.

We haven’t reviewed the Apeman 5000L mini projector but we have checked out the other best portable protectors if you want to learn more about the subject. The Apeman 5000L mini projector offers a maximum display size of 180 inches while supporting full HD 1080p images with a native resolution of 800 x 480P. Apeman reckons the brightness at 5,000 lumens is 80% brighter than most other projectors on the market which is certainly a pretty lofty claim.

Alongside that, it comes with built-in dual speakers so you don’t have to connect external speakers unless you want to. There are also connections for HDMI, VGA, USB, Micro SD, and AV with it also compatible with both iOS and Android devices too thanks to its screencasting functions.

Finally, for added convenience, you also get a carry case which means the Apeman 5000L mini projector is easy to carry around from location to location. It only weighs just over 2.2 pounds so it’s extremely portable. Obviously, the Apeman 5000L mini projector won’t compete with more expensive projectors but if you simply want to be able to show a few movies outdoors or on a bigger screen indoors, then $70 is a bargain for the opportunity.

The Apeman 5000L mini projector is a great deal for what it offers but if you want to check out other Cyber Monday projector deals before you hit the buy button, we’ve got them. You’re sure to find the right one for you.

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