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AirPods sale: Get Apple’s true wireless earbuds from $100

Apple kicked off the world of wireless audio when the company removed the headphone jacks on their phones and introduced the AirPods. Ever since then, the brand has improved and iterated to come up with a great selection of earphones and headphones. If you’ve wanted to pick some up, then you’re in luck, as there are some great AirPods deals at Amazon right now to take advantage of!

Apple AirPods 2nd Generation — $100, was $159

Apple Air Pods 2nd generation with wireless charging case on a white background.

Even though they are slightly outdated at this point, the second-generation Apple AirPods are still reasonably good earphones. Not only are they better than most earphones but they’re only $100 with this deal. You still get access to “Hey Siri,” as well as up to 24 hours of listening if you include the case’s battery. They include the H1 audio chip from Apple and even have some basic water and dust resistance, so you don’t have to worry about going outside. More importantly, the audio quality is great, and they’re really easy to pair and set up, so they’re great for a hassle-free experience. As such, if you want the cheapest Apple earphones while still getting an excellent audio experience, these are the ones to go for.

Apple AirPods 3rd Generation — $169, was $179

Model wearing new Apple AirPods 3rd generation in the rain.

If you’re willing to pay a little bit more, going for the third generation of Apple AirPods gets you a lot more features. For example, you gain access to spacial EQ, which tracks with your head and allows you to essentially listen to sound in a 3D space, which is a lot of fun. Also, the tech that allows the special EQ, combined with the skin-sensor, enables the earphones to automatically detect when they are being worn, so you can take them off, and they’ll stop automatically. Beyond that, you also get up to 30 hours of listening when including the charging case, compared to the 2nd gen’s 24 hours. The case for the third-gen AirPods is MagSafe, which is a nice little addition and great if you have one of the newer iPhones. Finally, the two microphones on each ear are beamforming, so people can hear you relatively loud and clear on phone calls.

Apple AirPods Pro — $175, was $249

A woman wears AirPods Pro while looking at her iPhone on public transportation.

If you want the best earphones, then the AirPods Pro are what you should be looking at. One of the biggest additions at this level is the top-of-the-line active noise cancellation (ANC) technology, which is surprisingly good for a set of earphones. Even better, Apple has included a transparency mode that allows you to hear what others are saying outside without needing to take the earphones off. The AirPods Pro also have a custom speaker and HDR amplifier, which, combined with the H1 audio chip, does wonders to create high-fidelity audio, although it does come at the cost of a slightly reduced total listen time of 24 hours when taking the charging case into account. Even so, they’re still excellent earphones, and with three sizes of silicone tips, it should be easy to find one that fits you perfectly so you can listen for hours on end. Given their current price, this is easily the best AirPods deal you’re going to find today.

Apple AirPods Max — $449, was $549

A man wears Apple AirPods Max headphones on a city street.
Riley Young/Digital Trends

While the earphones are pretty excellent, you need to go for the Apple AirPods Max if you truly want top-notch audio. Granted, they cost around $450, even with this discount, but what you get in return is an H1 chip per earcup. That’s double the audio processing power of regular AirPods, and so these manage to do an even better job of audio reproduction, as well as providing a ton of great features. For example, you still get the excellent ANC, although it’s even better here, and it even has an easy-to-switch transparency mode to make your life easier, not to mention the higher quality spatial audio that’s great for movies and certain types of audio. Beyond that, the pads are made of a knit-mesh with a cushion, meaning not only are they very comfortable but they also breathe relatively well too, so you aren’t going to have to deal with a ton of sweating. Of course, the one big downside with earcups is that they’re larger to carry and have a shorter battery life — around 20 hours — although at least that is contained within the earcups, so you don’t have to use a charging case. While the AirPods Max are great, if you want different headphones, then check out some of our other headphone deals for something a bit more reasonably priced.

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