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AirPods Max are down to their cheapest-ever price at Amazon today

Apple Airpods Max

The latest Apple AirPods Max are down to their lowest-ever price at Amazon and how could you resist that? Normally priced at $550, these exceptional headphones are down to just $480, saving you $70 on the usual price. It’s the best deal yet for these much sought-after headphones so we can’t see stock re for long. After all, who could resist their iconic design?

Earlier in the year, we described the Apple AirPods Max as the most fun headphones ever which really sums up the sentiment Apple is aiming for here. They offer best-in-class Active Noise Cancellation along with a transparency mode that means you’ll never miss a thing during key moments. Alongside that, the Apple AirPods Max also offer fantastic build quality and, of course, great sound quality, too.

Practically the only thing we didn’t really like about the Apple AirPods Max is they’re a little heavy to wear, plus you’ll still need to charge them via a Lightning cable. Other than that though, we’re huge fans, right down to comparing them very favorably AirPods Max vs. AirPods Pro style. They simply look and sound great which is pretty much all you could need from some high-end headphones.

As you’d expect, there’s the usual Apple seal of quality going on here with fast pairing and setup, on-head detection, and seamless switching between devices. It’s all these little things that make the Apple AirPods Max a cut above the competition even when they are pretty pricey.

Of course, price is less of a concern right now when the Apple AirPods Max are available for just $480. With a saving of $70 at Amazon, these headphones just got super appealing. They’re sure to be a fantastic investment if you’re keen to hear music at its very best. Snap them up now while stock lasts.

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