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B&H Photo is having a rare sale on the latest Apple TV 4K

In the market for a new and wonderful streaming device? Right now, B&H Photo has the base 32GB model of the Apple TV 4K for $175, down from $179, and the 64GB variant for $195 down from $199. One of the most flexible streaming devices out there, it’s a great time to see what Apple has to offer.

Apple TV 4K (32GB) — $175, was $179:

Apple TV 4K (64GB) — $175, was $179:

If you’ve never used an Apple TV before, you’re going to love how simple the Apple TV 4K is. As with all Apple products, you can dive into the App Store and pick out your favorite apps, meaning you can easily stream all your favorite multimedia content. There’s support here for pretty much every streaming service you can think of including Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and so many more. One of the standouts right now is Apple TV+ with big shows like The Morning Show and Defending Jacob available through the service. It takes seconds to install the apps, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your shows.

The Apple TV 4K does more than that, though. It also allows you to play many games available through the App Store and Apple Arcade. With AirPlay integration, you can easily stream across content from your iOS phones or Mac devices too meaning it’s an ideal device for showing off your vacation photos or family shots.

Movie fans will also love the 4K support available here. There’s support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR formats, as well as Dolby Atmos surround sound. The iTunes service offers regular discounts on many 4K movies, plus you can easily stream content from the aforementioned streaming services, meaning there’s no shortage of UHD content.

Want even more functionality? You can even control your smart home via the Apple TV 4K right down to shutting your garage door, tweaking the heating, or adjusting the lighting, all from this one simple-to-use yet powerful device.

The Apple TV 4K is small yet stylish, easily slotting into your home set up without stealing focus or looking ugly. It’s compatible with the Magic Keyboard and the 2011 Apple Wireless Keyboard and also comes with a Siri-compatible remote so there are plenty of ways to control it.

If you’ve been keen to buy an Apple TV 4K for a while now, the deal at B&H Photo is the perfect time to dive in. Apple TVs are rarely discounted so being able to snap up an Apple TV 4K 32GB for $175 or an Apple TV 4K 64GB for $195 is an opportunity not to be missed.

Apple TV 4K (32GB) — $175, was $179:

Apple TV 4K (64GB) — $175, was $179:

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