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Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals for August Home smart locks are tough to pass up

Smart locks don’t come cheap. Most of the notable ones fetch for at least $100 when they’re new, so when something comes around that discounts the price to nearly half the cost, it’s not to pass up! For Cyber Monday, Amazon has several deals going on for various smart home gadgets, but the deals for a couple of August Home smart locks are outstanding when you consider they’re discounted by more than 50%.

Those looking to upgrade to a smart lock, Amazon slashed the price of the August Home Lock (third generation) down to $55 for Cyber Monday. That’s a steep discount considering that it normally sells for $150. Whereas most smart locks look bulky and require homeowners to completely replace the deadbolt and lock, the August Home Lock simply goes over your existing deadbolt and you get to keep your lock and keys. At $55, it’s a steal because you can now unlock/lock your door using your smartphone. However, you will need to purchase the Wi-Fi bridge if you intend on remotely accessing it and plan to integrate it with other third-party devices.

Alternatively, Amazon has the August Smart Lock Pro priced at $119 during Cyber Monday — a savings of $161. This is yet another unbelievable deal because it comes with the Wi-Fi bridge. The circular sized smart lock has a high-quality design, simple installation, and voice control with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. Sure, it’s double the cost of what Amazon is offering for the other smart lock, but we can’t stress the fact that there’s no additional purchase for the Wi-Fi bridge. The savings of not having to buy that separately makes this deal equally attractive.

If you’re looking to expand your smart home, there are several other deals going on right now for Cyber Monday. Below, you’ll find some phenomenal deals that will complement the August Home smart locks. Instead of relying on an app, why not pair it with a smart speaker for voice commands? Not only that, but security cameras will also help to ensure that whoever comes through your door is an invited guest.

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