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Ditch your dusty keyboard and mouse for Bastron’s touch-sensitive glass combo

While monitors and desktops have received serious makeovers in the past few years, the humble keyboard has remained relatively unchanged. Yet this peripheral has the power to make or break your computing experience.

Enter Bastron, which has taken today’s keyboard to the chopping block and designed a new keyboard fit for the most fashionable of today’s desktops. The Bastron B9 Glass Bluetooth Keyboard is a low-profile, glass keyboard with touch-sensitive icons and support for gesture controls. Our DT Shop currently offers this ultra-slim keyboard for just $130, which is $10 under Amazon’s price.

The Bastron B9 Keyboard combines tech found in the recently-released Lenovo Yoga Book and the Apple Magic Trackpad. There are no chiclet-style buttons to press on this keyboard; instead, typing on the B9 is similar to typing on a sheet of glass, which means it does take some getting used to. It measures just 0.09 inches thick and sports an aluminum frame for durability. It also emits a Tron-like blue backlight when in use.

It connects to your Mac or PC via a Bluetooth connection so it eliminates cable clutter from your desktop. Since the QWERTY-style keyboard is essentially a sheet of glass, it’s easy to keep the B9 germ free as its surface is waterproof and can be wiped with your favorite cleaner without the need for an air canister. If you’re worried about fingerprints, the keyboard has also been treated with an anti-fingerprint coating.

A keyboard is useless without a mouse, so Bastron gave its B9 keyboard support for gesture controls. When activated, the entire keyboard becomes a giant trackpad similar to Apple’s Magic Trackpad 2. When you need to type, just touch the top “button” on the B9 and it reverts to a keyboard again. While this back and forth could potentially pose a problem for PC gamers, it shouldn’t be a hindrance for the average PC user.

The B9’s battery is rated at 10 hours and the keyboard charges in approximately three hours. It supports Windows and Max OS X in addition to smartphones running Android and iOS.

The package includes the keyboard, a microfiber cloth, manual, and a USB charging cable. It’s available in red or gray for $130. Alternatively, Amazon sells it for $140.

$130 at DT Shop $140 at Amazon

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