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Looking for a Bluetooth speaker? The Beats Pill Plus is less than $115 on Amazon

Looking for a Bluetooth speaker to take on your hikes, picnics, and trips to the beach this summer? Well, look no further — Amazon has shaved $66 off the outdoor-ready Beats Pill Plus, sending the price tumbling down to a more affordable $114.

The Beats Pill Plus was designed to propel sound as far as possible, so it should come as no surprise to hear that it creates a large, bass-filled soundstage that’s more than capable of fuelling a small gathering on a beach or a roof, or in a house or an RV.

It all comes down to expectations, though. Being a Bluetooth speaker, the volume will be loudest when it’s charged to the max and will start to deteriorate the more it runs down. But even when it’s topped up, it won’t be powering Madison Square Garden.

So how long does the Beats Pill Plus last? The result depends on whether you’re running off Bluetooth or a wired connection, though you should be able to squeeze a maximum of twelve hours out of the former, and a tad longer from the latter.

If the Pill happens to die, a quick five-minute charge will arm it with enough juice for around an hour of use. Leaving it hooked up to a power outlet or a portable charger for an extra ten minutes should add at least another hour and a half to the clock.

The worst thing, after the speaker dying, is the source of the music (a smartphone, in most instances) running out of power. That won’t be an issue with the Pill Plus, however, because it has an integrated USB port for charging other devices.

All in all, the Beats Pill Plus is an absolute steal for $114 — it looks and sounds fantastic, and is crammed full of useful features. Sure, it isn’t as durable as other options on the market, but at a smidgen less than $120, it isn’t as expensive.

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