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Beats Studio Buds, Samsung Galaxy Buds get sweet price cuts at Amazon

If you’re looking for great Bluetooth headphone deals, there are some things that you should watch out for. Along with sound quality, battery life, and comfort, you should also look for a pair that has excellent compatibility with your current devices. For example, if you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you should check out some Apple deals for their lineup of audio products, such as Beats headphone deals. If you use a Samsung Galaxy phone, you should watch for Samsung Galaxy Buds deals.

Whether you use an iOS or Android device, today’s your lucky day. Right now, Amazon is offering great discounts on both Samsung’s and Apple’s true wireless earbuds. You can pick up the Beats Studio Buds for just $130, which is $20 off the regular price of $150. On the Samsung side, you can get the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro for only $160, a discount of $40 from the standard price tag of $200. These deals aren’t going to be around forever, so definitely add them to your cart as soon as you can. You can find out more about these wireless earbuds below.

Beats Studio Buds — $130, was $150

Beats Studio Buds
Simon Cohen / Digital Trends

The Beats Studio Buds are an excellent pick for anyone looking for authentic Apple headphones at a significantly lower price than the rest of their audio devices. In our Beats Studio Buds review, we called them the “AirPods Pro Lite” because they pack many of the same features as the earbuds at the top of Apple’s lineup. The first thing that you’ll notice is their impressive battery life. The buds can continuously run for up to 8 hours, which gives it the same longevity as AirPods Pros. Together with the charging case, they last for up to 24 hours, so you can keep listening to music for the entire day with only a few breaks to charge in between. In line with the Beats branding, they have deep bass with an overall balanced profile, making them excellent for listening to hip-hop and R&B music. They also have very effective active noise-canceling compared to many true wireless earbuds in this price range. No matter your ear shape, these buds are remarkably comfortable. If you love to work out, they are also IPX-4 rated for sweat and water resistance. You can pick the Beats Studio Buds up for just $130, which is down by $20 from the standard price of $150. Hit that “Buy Now” button if you’re interested because this deal could end at any time!

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro — $160, was $200

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with Galaxy Buds Pro

In our review of the Galaxy Buds Pro, we commended them on their feature-set that rivaled much more expensive earbuds from dedicated audio manufacturers. There’s fantastic active noise canceling and audio passthrough, along with a unique feature called “advanced intelligent audio passthrough.” Whenever you talk, external sounds will automatically pass through to your ears, so you’ll be able to speak to others while wearing the Galaxy Buds Pro.

On top of that, the sound quality is surprisingly great. You’ll get a nice, balanced sound profile for all of your music, which you can customize using the equalizer in Samsung’s app. These buds are also remarkably comfortable, thanks to their compact design and swappable rubber ear tips. You’ll be able to wear them for the full five to eight hours of promised battery life without them falling off or feeling uncomfortable. This pair is a no-brainer if you’re using a Samsung Galaxy device and are looking to spend under $200. You can pick them up right now on Amazon for just $160, a whole $40 off the standard price of $200. But you need to act fast — this offer could disappear very soon!

More headphone deals

While both of these true wireless earbuds are excellent options, if you’re mostly going to be listening to music on your phone, you might be looking for a different pair. Maybe you need something more geared toward audiophiles, or you prefer over-ear headphones instead. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up some of the best headphone deals we’ve found across the internet. You can see our favorites below:

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Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 true wireless earbuds are $40 off
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If you're thinking about getting wireless earbuds but you're not sold on Apple's AirPods, you may want to consider the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2. They're currently on sale from Samsung for a discounted price of $110, following a $40 discount on their original price of $150. This offer is only available for a limited time only, so you should hurry with your purchase if you don't want to miss it.

Why you should buy the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2
The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 offer well-balanced audio, with two-way dynamic speakers enabling excellent bass and treble so that you can immerse yourself in whatever you're listening to. They also come with one of the most popular features among the best wireless earbuds -- active noise cancellation. When activated, two microphones detect sound from your surroundings and blocks them, which will allow you to focus on your music, streaming content, video game, or podcast. To get the best possible noise cancelling experience, there are three sizes of silicon tips that you can choose for the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, with the Galaxy Wearable app helping you determine the best one through a fit test.

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Flash deal drops the price of this Lenovo Chromebook to $105
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This is about as cheap is a laptop can get. Lenovo just discounted their Chromebook 3 by $34, bringing the price down to just $105. If you need a simple device to get you through school work, Zoom calls and casual browsing, Chromebook deals like this should be your go-to option. The price should be all you need to see here, but let us explain why this $105 Chromebook is worth your money.

Why you should buy the Lenovo Chromebook 3
Chromebooks aren't known for their power. They're known for being easy to use, portable, cheap, and dependable. The Lenovo Chromebook 3 checks all of those boxes. It uses an Intel Celeron processor, a dependable option that is fairly standard for both Chromebooks and low budget laptops. It has an integrated Intel UHD graphics card, which is also in the low-budget tier, but could handle 1080p video fine. If you do want to watch 1080p or 4K video, you'll have to get an external monitor from the best monitor deals, since this device's 11-inch display can only handle 720p.

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Samsung’s ultra-loud party speaker just got a $200 price cut
samsung mx st90b sound tower deal march 2023 lifestyle

Whether you're watching movies or listening to music, you deserve a high quality speaker -- especially if you're having people over. The speakers set the tone of the party, and a tiny Bluetooth speaker just isn't going to cut it. Samsung is one of the highest quality audio equipment manufacturers in the world, and they have a great speaker for parties: the MX-ST90B Sound Tower. It's great for both indoor and outdoor events. It isn't exactly cheap, but right now it has a nice discount. It's $200 off, bringing the total to $1,000. Here's why you should consider dropping that kind of cash on your sound system.

Why you should buy the Samsung MX-ST90B Sound Tower
What sets the MX-ST90B Sound Tower is the massive 1,700 watts of power it can put through its speakers, meaning you can fill a significantly large room with sound if you'd like. It has six speakers inside, two of each bass, mids, and tweeters, so you have a full range of frequencies to work with, especially if you love bass since it has some excellent bass boosting. We certainly appreciate the app that connects to the speaker, which gives you a lot of control over the EQ, something we don't often find in speakers that come with preset EQs. Speaking of which, if you'd rather not fuss around with EQ settings, there are a few sound modes that you can pick from Party, Standard(MONO), Hip-Hop, EDM, Rock, Latin, House, and Regeea.

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