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Amazon cuts $20 off Belkin Dual Wireless Charger for Black Friday

Belkin 10W dual wireless charger

Black Friday is upon us. Time to grab up all the little gadgets you’ve been eyeing for the past year. Get some great deals on stuff you were going to buy anyway. For instance, a top-of-the-line wireless charging pad for your smartphone. Amazon has a crazy deal on the Belkin Dual Wireless Charger right now — 40% off! Save that $20 for some other awesome Black Friday deals. After all, ‘tis the season.

A wireless charger is a “buy and forget” sort of gadget. You buy one, forget about charging cables forever, and wonder how you ever got along without it. It’s perfect for a work desk or a bedside table — basically anywhere you were going to set your phone down anyway. Now it charges itself whenever you’re not using it. It’s just one less thing to worry about. Keep forgetting to plug in your phone before bed? When all you have to do is set it down on your nightstand, it’ll be hard to make that mistake again.

“Taking off my phone case every time I want to charge my phone is the opposite of convenience,” you probably just said aloud to yourself. Don’t worry! The Belkin can charge through a 3mm phone case, and even Apple’s thicker cases are designed to fit with Qi-certified chargers (like this one). It’s all about convenience. Your devices will charge super quick on the 10-watt pad. Both pads will charge up to 10 watts at the same time. The Belkin charger works with most Apple, Samsung, and Google Phones. It also works with the AirPods wireless charging case. With two charging spots, it’s time to cut cables out of your life. Bluetooth and wireless charging all the way.

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