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Cyber Monday is your excuse to buy a cotton candy maker — only $20

Bella Cotton Candy Maker with woman using cone to serve.

So many of the best Cyber Monday deals are on tried and true items, like TVs, game consoles, laptops, and so on. Some of the quirkier deals are hiding in the crowd, like this Cyber Monday cotton candy maker deal at Walmart! You can grab the red and white Bella cotton candy maker for just $20 with free shipping. You can use granulated sugar, sugar-free mixes, and hard candy to make cotton candy! It’s also super easy to clean as it comes apart. You can check out more about the deal, and the Bella cotton candy maker, below!

Normally, cotton candy is only a treat you can get at the fair, circus, or amusement parks! But this machine makes it easy to prepare delicious, custom-flavored cotton candy at home! This electric maker from Bella works with granulated sugar, hard candies, and sugar-free candies to make precisely the treat you want! Just add your mix and the machine will transform it into a soft candy cloud. When you’re all done, the machine comes apart easily so you can clean everything, allowing you to eliminate stickiness and messes!

The backlit power switch tells you at a glance whether the machine is on or off. What’s more, it comes bundled with three plastic cones, and one measuring spoon. The cones can be cleaned and reused to place the cotton candy inside — and makes it easier to serve little ones! The bowl, lid, cones, and rotating disk are all dishwasher-safe too, so you don’t have to clean them by hand unless you want to.

Bella offers delicious recipes on its websites that you can use to prepare and make different kinds of cotton candy with the machine. If you want a crash course on creating the candy, or just want to experiment, be sure to check those out! Plus, the all-American red and white design is perfect for retro fans. It certainly invokes machine designs from a bygone era!

Normally over $35, the Bella cotton candy maker is on sale as part of Walmart’s Cyber Monday deals, down to $20 with free shipping. You’ll want to jump on this one quick if you have a craving for some soft and delicious homemade cotton candy because there’s no question, it’s going to sell out fast!

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