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These BenQ and Dell monitors are in the discount bin for as little as $80

Home offices have never been more widespread than now, and with monitors selling like hotcakes, it can be hard to find reliable displays to complete your setup. We’re on hand to help, though: These BenQ and Dell monitors are in stock and ready to ship — and best of all, they’re all on sale for a fraction of their usual price.

24-inch BenQ GL2480 Monitor (Full HD) — $140, was $150

BenQ GW2283

If you don’t need something too serious but can deliver more than its price suggests, then the BenQ GL2480 is what you’re looking for. It’s a great entry-level monitor for those who only need the essentials — but better. The 24-inch screen is the optimal size for most computer setups as it’s neither too compact nor overwhelmingly large. 

It delivers images in Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, so your work won’t suffer from damaged or missing pixels. This way, you always get clear frames and sharp details that don’t dampen visual quality. However, the color accuracy might be a bit faded at times, so if you’re looking for better vibrancy levels and viewing angles, we’d suggest checking one of the other two Dell monitors on our list. Otherwise, if you only need the basic screen for office work, then this should do wonders. 

The BenQ GL2480 also boasts the highest possible response time in the market with a minuscule 1ms. This completely eliminates any input lag from mouse to screen and keeps motion feeling quick and instant. The 75Hz refresh rate is also higher than the average 60Hz, so you get less screen tearing and smoother images, especially if you’re playing games. The brightness and contrast levels aren’t as polished as they could be with monitors that offer similar refresh and response rates. But they meet the minimum industry specs, so you aren’t compromising on these features in exchange for utility.  

Lastly, as is BenQ’s standard, you’ll also be getting its premium Eye-Care package. This means you’ll be getting a state-of-the-art blue light filter, flicker reduction, and adaptive brightness intelligence that lets you work longer hours with barely any eye fatigue or mental exhaustion. If the BenQ’s 24-inch GL2480 monitor has caught your interest, you can find it on Best Buy. Its retail price of $150 — which is already a great deal — has been dropped to an even more affordable $140.


27-inch Dell SE2719HR Monitor (Full HD) — $205, was $270

If you’ve been using the same display for a while and need an upgrade in color quality and screen size to survive the surge of work-from-home migrations, then you can turn to the Dell SE2719HR monitor to get what you need. The 27-inch screen gives you more room to appreciate its great color quality, which the BenQ GL2480 somewhat misses the mark on. 

This monitor uses the minimum pixel dimension count for displays this large with its Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 resolution. It’s not as high definition as it could be, but its visuals aren’t jeopardized as it still produces superb images, exceeding some other monitors on the market. The IPS display also provides impeccable color accuracy from every viewing angle available. This way, you can position the screen even at an angle without damaging the display output. So, if you need a monitor that can deliver vibrant hues in fine detail, the Dell SE2719HR won’t disappoint.

In terms of refresh rate, it can hit upward of 75Hz, and its average response time is approximately 8ms. What these mean is that you’ll be getting smooth images appearing on-screen without much tearing or motion blurring. Additionally, if you have an AMD computer, then this monitor’s AMD Radeon FreeSync technology optimizes what’s displayed to prevent this problem almost completely. However, the 8ms response time is a bit on the low side, so you might notice mild input lag, but this shouldn’t be an issue for purposes other than gaming. 

The monitor is also noticeably brighter than the BenQ GL2480, so you can work in bright rooms without losing out from dimness. And if you prefer to work under the sun or other strong light sources, the screen is coated with anti-glare to prevent distracting reflections and maintain image quality wherever you’re working. If you’ll be handling more visual-centric work in addition to your basic office duties, then you can’t go wrong with the Dell SE2719HR monitor. You can check it out on Dell’s website where it’s on sale for $205. Get it delivered now and you can save $65 off its retail price.


27-inch Dell UltraSharp U2719D Monitor (Ultra HD) — $400, was $500

If you need something significantly more visually stimulating than the previous two monitors, then the Dell UltraSharp SE2719HR monitor is an excellent choice if you want something that can double as a second 4K TV. This monitor still comes with a 27-inch display, but it’s a notable improvement overall in terms of features and resolution. 

For multimedia-related tasks, the Dell UltraSharp U2719D boasts 2,560 x 1,440 resolution for stunning frame-by-frame visuals that make each image — no matter how flat — pop off the screen in full photorealistic color. The display utilizes IPS panels to maximize color accuracy, so you don’t miss out from washed-out colors or desaturated hues, regardless of angling or positioning. This way, you can get the full benefit of the monitor’s built-in 360-degree tilt functionality and expect consistent quality from every possible viewpoint. The monitor also offers the highest brightness level of the three, making it beautifully eye-catching at maximum settings.

The most apparent weak point when it comes to the Dell UltraSharp U2719D is its painfully average refresh rate of 60Hz. Because of this, it doesn’t reduce screen tearing as much as the previous two monitors nor is it as slick as it could be, but unless you’re into hardcore gaming or video editing, you won’t notice the difference. Its 8ms response time also isn’t spectacular, but it’s another factor that matters solely to input speeds, and for refresh rates below 120Hz, it’s completely unnoticeable. 

If you’re worried about glare issues from external lights, the screen is coated with anti-glare so you can comfortably work in any light setting. And like the BenQ GL2480, the Dell UltraSharp U2719D also has anti-flicker and blue light reduction technologies to keep your eyes at peak efficiency even after long working hours sitting idly in front of the computer. For the working professional who wants to maximize their creative and clerical productivity, then you can’t go wrong with this monitor to finish up your home office. It’s currently on sale on Dell’s site for $400. 


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