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Best 85-inch TV Black Friday Deals: Sales to shop now

Though Black Friday finished yesterday, there are still some great Black Friday deals around today, and there’s no better time to go big when buying a new TV. If you need one of the biggest TVs around, these 85-inch TV Black Friday deals are here to grant your wish, without breaking the bank. With so many epic deals around, we’ve focused on the behemoth 85-inch varieties below. Ideally suited for anyone looking for the ultimate-sized TV, numerous popular brands are included here, so there’s something for everyone (providing you’ve got the space). Read on to check out our pick of the best currently available deals, but remember, these might not be around tomorrow!

85-inch Samsung 7 Series LED TV — $998, was $1,400

A Samsung 7 Series 4K TV.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

An 85-inch TV for under $1,000 seems like an impossible ask, let alone one from a premiere home theater company like Samsung. It’s real, though, and only during Black Friday sales. The 7 Series LED TV from Samsung checks all the standard boxes for a modern 4K TV without too much flare. It runs at 4K resolution, support HDR10+ video, and has a direct lit screen. Its refresh rate maxes out at 60Hz, but that will still make your movies, sports games, and even gaming look smooth. It’s equipped with Samsung’s smart TV tech, so there’s no need to attach a streaming device if you don’t want to.

85-inch TCL 4-Series LED Google TV — $1,200, was $1,400

The 85-inch TCL 4-Series 4K smart TV.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

TCL and Vizio have long fought over the budget TV market, and TCL seems to be winning out. This 4-Series LED is a solid if not flashy 4K TV that will serve you well for many years. It features UHD, and has a standard, direct lit panel. Even on a screen this massive, your movies and TV shows will look great. It has a 60Hz refresh rate, which is great for sports and gaming. It’s a Google TV, so it has Google commands built right into it. It even has a built-in Chromecast, so you can stream content straight from your Android or iPhone.

85-inch Sony X80K Series LED TV — $1,500, was $1,800

The Sony 50-inch X80K LED 4K Smart TV against a white background.

While Sony isn’t necessarily a budget option, it’s still willing to offer some affordable models and sweeten them with Sony TV deals. The X80K is one of those options. It’s a step above a standard LED TV thanks to its powerful HDR Processor X1, which intelligently adjusts the image on your TV for optimum contrast and clarity. It has a few other bells and whistles too, like Motionflow XR to keep fast-moving images crisp, and a 4K upscaler so even old YouTube videos and 1080p movies look a little bit better. It upgrades the refresh rate to 120Hz instead of the standard 60Hz, so it will support high frame rate content like next-gen gaming consoles.

85-inch TCL XL Collection 85R745 QLED TV — $1,500, was $2,300

2021 TCL 85-inch XL 4K QLED Roku TV.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The 85R745, part of TCL’s XL series of 4K TVs, is the definition of “bang for your buck.” It’s on the cheap side for such a massive TV, but it has one important upgrade our lower-priced models didn’t have: quantum dots. QLED means you’ll see a broader range of colors in anything you throw on the screen. This TV in particular has high brightness, so it will look good in a sunlit room. It supports HDR and a 120Hz refresh rate, so sports and gaming will look crisp and smooth at the same time.

85-inch Samsung Q70A Series QLED TV — $1,900, was $2,200

A Samsung 65-inch QLED 4K smart TV sets in a living room.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

As you ramp up the price, 4K TVs start doing incredible things. This Samsung Q70A, for instance, has powerful machine-learning tech in it that will intelligently upscale whatever you’re watching into 4K. It has a powerful processor that will reduce motion blur and make every scene as crisp as possible. Combine that with its 120Hz refresh rate, and you have smooth motion for sports and gaming. At this price point, QLED and smart TV tech are a given, and the Q70A checks both boxes.

85-inch Samsung QN85B Neo QLED TV — $2,400, was $3,300

Samsung 2022 QN85B 4K Neo QLED TV.

Samsung’s QN85B uses Quantum Mini LEDs to maximize brightness and color contrast. It’s a gorgeous beast of a TV that’s just one step closer to the perfect picture. Each Mini LED is the size of a grain of sand, so you’d have to stand inches away from the TV to notice them. Of course, you would never need to do that, since an 85-inch TV is practically the size of a wall. The powerful processor in the QN85B upscales everything to 4K, and maps color and contrast by intelligently analyzing the content on the screen.

85-inch Samsung The Frame QLED TV — $3,300, was $4,300

A Samsung The Frame TV displaying a person riding a horse playing polo.

Samusng’s The Frame TV is so much more than a way to watch movies. It’s Samsung’s attempt at integrating a TV into your life in the least obtrusive way possible. When The Frame isn’t playing movies, you can set it to display a picture or artwork, and you’d be surprised how well it blends in. Of course part of the way it does that is with QLED panel and 4K resolution, but the thing that makes The Frame special is its matte display. It reduces glare and makes your TV much less glossy when viewed at angle, just like an actual painting would do. The Frame is a work of art that turns your home into a museum.

85-inch Sony Bravia XR X95K Mini LED TV — $4,000, was $5,500

A pasta shells, grains, and beans shown on the Sony X95K's display.
Dan Baker / Digital Trends

The Sony Bravia XR X95K could be the TV you use for the rest of your life. While it’s not OLED, it maximized QLED technology to give you a stunning picture, with a gorgeous, bright display. It uses Sony’s Mini LED technology to give you incredibly sharp details and access to the full range of a billion different colors. A highlight of the X95K is its Full Array Local Dimming. That means that really bright areas on a TV don’t mess with the really black areas, since they’re lit by different sources. You’ll have beautiful contrast and the full range of colors with this beautiful behemoth.

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