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The best affordable Beats by Dre headphone deals for March 2018

There’s no denying that Beats by Dre headphones are incredibly popular. It’s not hard to see why, either, given their super-sleek aesthetics and strong association with hip-hop culture and music icon Dr. Dre.

These name-brand cans don’t come cheap, however, so if you’ve been eyeing a pair, then let us give you a hand: We’ve got the best affordable Beats by Dre deals right here in this handy up-to-date list, from compact in-ear headphones like the PowerBeats to full-size over-ear models like the high-end Beats Pro.

Beats by Dre urBeats

best cheap Beats by Dre deals

If you’re looking for a cheap pair of new Beats earphones and don’t have your heart set on going wireless, then the in-ear Dre urBeats are your best bet. Currently in their third iteration, the Urbeats3 earbuds feature a flat, tangle-free cable and an inline remote and mic for taking calls and controlling media playback. Although they’re small, the metal Urbeats have all the iconic Beats style of their larger cousins. Newer models are magnetic so you can easily store them around your neck and keep them out of your way when you’re not using them.

The Dre Urbeats3 retail for around $100, but you can score a pair for much cheaper with these deals:

$27 on Amazon

$20.50 on Ebay

$40 on Newegg

$44 on Walmart

Beats by Dre BeatsX

best cheap Beats by Dre deals

On the other hand, if you’ve just got to go wireless – maybe you have an iPhone 7 or other recent Apple smartphone that lacks a headphone jack – then the BeatsX earbuds are a great alternative to the wired Urbeats. The BeatsX connect with your phone, tablet, or other compatible device via Bluetooth and let you control everything using RemoteTalk via the built-in mic. The BeatsX have the same magnetic metal housing and tangle-free flat cable as the Urbeats, as well as eight hours of battery life.

The wireless BeatsX come with an MSRP of $150, making them a little more expensive than the Urbeats, but why pay full price? We’ve got the best cheap Beats by Dre deals right here:

$69 Refurbished

$117 on Amazon

$90 on Ebay

$150 on Apple

Beats by Dre PowerBeats

best cheap Beats by Dre deals

Finishing off the in-ear Dre headphones are the excellent PowerBeats. These wireless earphones forgo the standard earbud form for a larger, more secure, and water-resistant around-ear design, making the PowerBeats a solid choice for workouts and outdoor activities. The PowerBeats3 now come with Apple’s W1 chip, allowing for seamless syncing with iOS devices, a battery life of up to 12 hours, and Fast Fuel technology, which can give the earbuds an hour’s worth of energy with just a few minutes of charge time.

The latest model of these Beats headphones is the PowerBeats3 which retails for $200, but we’ve smoked out some deals on these, as well as some older models, that can save you even more cash:

$60 Refurbished

$130 on Amazon

$100 on Ebay

$200 on Apple

Beats by Dre EP

best cheap Beats by Dre deals

The EP is the entry-level option in the Beats by Dre lineup, but there’s no reason you still shouldn’t hunt for a deal on these solid on-ear headphones. The EPs are light yet sturdy with a steel-reinforced frame and feature the same flat tangle-free cable and RemoteTalk in-line microphone as the in-ear Beats. The compact on-ear design and lightweight build make the Beats EP a great choice for audiophiles who like to take a larger pair of cans on the go and don’t want to settle for earbuds.

The EP on-ear headphones retail for $130, which by itself is a decent price for a pair of Beats – but of course you’re here to find the best cheap Beats by Dre deals, and we’ve got you covered:

$53 Refurbished

$90 on Walmart

$90 on Amazon

$79 on Ebay

Beats by Dre Solo

best cheap Beats by Dre deals

Wireless headphones are the future (if Apple iPhones are any indication, anyway), and there’s no denying that ditching the cables altogether in favor of Bluetooth is highly convenient whether you’re on the move or just working at your desk. Enter the Solo3, the compact wireless on-ear entry in the Beats lineup. Bluetooth connectivity lets you lose the wires while the headphones boast up to 40 hours of battery life. Cushioned earcups allow for hours of comfortable listening, and the Solo comes with an optional 3.5mm RemoteTalk cable for hands-free voice control.

These on-ear cans retail for $300, but we’ve hunted down the best up-to-date deals on the Beats by Dre Solo3 wireless on-ear headphones, as well as some discounted older models for even more savings:

$120 Refurbished 

$200 on Amazon

$175 on Ebay

$300 on Apple

Beats by Dre Studio

best cheap Beats by Dre deals

Moving into over-ear headphone territory brings us to the popular Beats Studio. The full-sized Studio headphones fully surround your ears and feature Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling technology for maximum sound isolation, letting you enjoy your music and ignore everything else. The Beats by Dre Studio headphones are also wireless and offer a battery life of up to 22 hours on full power – or you can disable Pure ANC for a boosted battery life of up to 40 hours so you can listen all day.

The Studio3 is the latest model with an MSRP of $350, but if you’re looking for the absolute best cheap Beats by Dre deals, then consider grabbing one of the older models for a discount while they’re still available:

$120 Refurbished

$200 on Amazon

$255 on Ebay

$350 on Apple

Beats by Dre Pro

best cheap Beats by Dre deals

If you’ve gotta have the absolute best Beats available, then the Beats by Dre Pro is the pair to get. The largest, sturdiest, and arguably most comfortable cans in the Beats family, the Pro headphones feature a sturdy all-aluminum frame (no plastic here) and leather ear cushions for durability and comfort. Designed for professionals and serious music enthusiasts, the Beats Pro deliver excellent sound quality and isolation thanks to their powerful drivers and rotating ear cups.

The Beats by Dre Pro come in at $400 new, but you’re not here to pay retail. We’ve got the best deals on these high-end headphones right here:

$110 Refurbished

$398 on Amazon

$210 on Ebay

$400 on Apple

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