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Power up your home office with these cheap extension cord deals

In the midst of the novel coronavirus crisis, more and more companies are asking people to work from home. Remote work may be foreign to some, and that is why it’s best to establish a healthy routine to maximize productivity under these new circumstances. While a computer and an internet connection are the most essential when it comes to setting up a workspace, gearing up with the right accessories is just as important.

If some of your outlets are a bit too far away from your ideal workspace, you’re going to want to have an extension cord. Although extension cords vary in length and outlet plug capacity, they all offer the same convenience of streamlining your home office. We’ve listed here highly rated extension cord models from various brands, all of which are enjoying price cuts on Amazon and Walmart.

Axis 3-Outlet Extension Cord – $6, was $10

With a slim profile, this UI-listed extension cord can be easily placed between furniture or home décor and the wall. It features a right-angle plug head that fits in places where standard plugs won’t fit, complete with three outlets that enable more versatility in arranging power-requiring items. Users will also benefit from its unique design, with two plugs spaced on one side and the other plug on the opposite side. The looped end of the cord offers more convenience as well since users can simply hang it when necessary.

Normally selling for $10, this 8-foot extension cord is made even more affordable at a sale price of $6. Order now on Walmart.


Coordinate 3-Outlet Extension Cord – $10, was $13

While most extension cords distract from your home’s aesthetic, this Coordinate extension cord only adds to the overall flair of your home office. Its neat design consists of an angle plug that allows it to be plugged into the receptacle without blocking the other outlet. The 10-foot extra-long cord and three built-in outlets ensure convenient powerup of your iPhone, laptop, tablet, smartwatch, or other devices collectively in any space.

What makes this Coordinate cable a must-have as well is its surge protection feature. This means that connected equipment is safeguarded from brief spikes in voltage which can be harmful to devices. A UL listing and hassle-free replacement policy guarantee peace of mind that this extension cord meets the highest standards of safety and performance. There’s also the built-in tamper-resistant technology that keeps foreign items out of the outlets, removing potential electrical hazards to you and your family.

This Coordinate extension cord is available in many different color variants, and almost all are seeing cool price cuts. Grab yours now on Amazon for as low as $10.


GE UltraPro Extension Cord – as low as $9

Stay connected and protected with the Ge UltraPro extension cord. This unit boasts a slim, low-profile, angled, flat plug to save space behind appliances and furniture as well as to keep other outlets accessible. It not only enables you to expand the reach of your outlet, but it also lets you power all your devices in one convenient location with seven built-in outlets. With wall-mount keyholes in place, this extension cord can be hung on the wall if you want to keep your floors clutter-free.

Similar to the Coordinate cable, the GE UltraPro comes with 1080 joule surge protection capacity to help make sure that connected devices remain safe from harmful voltage spikes. It also features an integrated circuit breaker along with the automatic shutdown technology that cuts off power to your devices when the protection expires.

The GE UltraPro comes in many variants, but only two models are being discounted on Amazon right now. Get yours while they are in stock.

GE UltraPro 6-Outlet Extension Cord, 3 Feet – $9, was $13


GE UltraPro 7-Outlet Extension Cord, 6 Feet – $16, was $19


Poweradd 6-Outlet Extension Cord – $22, was $36

This power strip is an ideal accessory for homes with multiple electronic devices. In addition to its six outlets are six USB ports (including two high-output 2.4A smart ports), so you can use it not just to plug in devices but also charge personal gadgets like smartphones and tablets. Its cord is six feet in length and is crafted with a PC shell for fire resistance.

This Poweradd cord doubles as a surge protector with an energy rating of 900 joules. It can handle equipment with high energy consumption and keeps devices safe from voltage fluctuations, surges, and energy spikes when they are plugged in.

Create a neat and orderly charging space in your desk by getting your hands on this Poweradd power strip/extension cord. This versatile device can be yours for only $22 instead of the usual $36 when you order on Walmart.


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