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Best Labor Day MacBook Deals 2020: MacBook Air And MacBook Pro

Labor Day sales are now well underway (and fast drawing to a close) so if you’re looking for a new laptop, this is the time to seek one out if you want to save plenty of cash. With MacBooks often some of the pricier options out there, there are big savings to be found right now when it comes to great MacBook deals and we’ve got you covered with some special Labor Day deals, providing some of the best offers we’ve seen in a while.

Today’s Best Labor Day MacBook Deals

  • 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro (16GB RAM, 512GB SSD)$1650, was $1800
  • 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro (16GB RAM, 1TB SSD)$1850, was $2000
  • 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro (16GB RAM, 512GB SSD)$2100, was $2400
  • 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro (16GB RAM, 1TB SSD)$2500, was $2800

How To Choose A New MacBook

When you’re trying to decide which MacBook to buy, the main decision involves knowing whether to get a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and it’s important to know their distinctions.

The MacBook Air is the cheapest of all the Apple laptops, but there’s a reason for that. Typically, MacBook Airs are less powerful than other MacBooks and often a little slower. That means they’re not very good if you plan on gaming, video editing, music processing, or doing anything vaguely complex on your laptop. While they are not powerful devices, they’re perfect for portability and general productivity tasks. They’re incredibly light so they’re ideal if you simply want something you can take out and about with you with minimal hassle.

MacBook Pros weigh more but that’s because they also offer more. They tend to offer more powerful processors as well as, sometimes, a dedicated graphics card depending on the MacBook Pro you purchase. These are better for video editing tasks, Photoshop work, and other more full-on computer processing tasks.

In either case, you get the Magic Keyboard so it’s a pleasant experience to type on, and both the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro have good Retina screens, although the Pro has a brighter screen. Both systems offer a minimum of a 13-inch screen although the MacBook Pro is also available in a 16-inch variety if you need the extra screen space.

When you’re trying to decide which system is for you, don’t forget storage. Both MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros come with 256GB of SSD storage at a minimum but if you know you’re going to be creating or editing a lot of image files or videos, you’ll need more than that. You can buy external hard drives to supplement it, but it’s far easier to have plenty of storage built-in.

When it comes to deciding between the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro, the main question you should ask yourself is how powerful you need it to be, then take it from there.

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