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Best Labor Day Robot Vacuum Deals 2021: Best sales to shop today

The Labor Day robot vacuum deals are here and they’re looking pretty sweet. Labor Day sales are always a good time to treat yourself to new gadgets that can enrich your life and these Labor Day robot vacuum sales will do exactly that. With so many different offers out there, it can be hard to know where to start so we’ve taken a look at all the best Labor Day robot vacuum deals as well as offered some key buying advice on what to look for when purchasing one. Read on while we take you through everything the Labor Day robot vacuum deals have to offer and more.

Labor Day robot vacuum deals 2021

Should you buy a robot vacuum on Labor Day?

The Labor Day robot vacuum deals are generally a pretty good time to buy a new robot vacuum. That’s because we’ve had a summer of relatively quiet sales outside of Prime Day and retailers will be keen to entice you into a purchase or two before the quietness continues until Black Friday.

You might be thinking that Black Friday would be a better time to purchase a new robot vacuum but we’re not so sure. Nowadays, Labor Day robot vacuum sales often rival the prices you’ll see during Black Friday so it’s not so clear cut. There’s also the advantage of time. If you buy now, you get to enjoy your new robot vacuum for a couple of extra months. That means an extra couple of months of not having to clean your floors the old-fashioned way! Tempting, right?

In addition to that, you might want to think about timings. Wait until November to buy a new robot vacuum and you might find your bank balance a little stretched. In need of paying for the holidays and plenty of gifts, you may find yourself wishing you’d spread the cost and treated yourself to a new robot vacuum in the Labor Day robot vacuum sales. We don’t blame you.

New robot vacuums come out all the time so there’s no set time where it’s better to buy one when it comes to timing, with many of the features proving useful for years to come, unlike other technology which can become dated fast.

Ultimately, it all comes down to how much you need a robot vacuum. They may become a life essential one day but right now, you don’t absolutely need one unless you have mobility issues at home. Instead, a standard vacuum cleaner will still do the job — it’s just you’ll have to put more work into the process. It’s a smart move to buy a robot vacuum now while prices are looking good. Just make sure you know what your budget is beforehand and check that you can afford one. It’s possible to spend a relatively small amount on a robot vacuum or a lot, and you want to make sure this purchase fits into your lifestyle and budget well.

Do your research and check that the robot vacuum is for you. Check out different brands and different prices, as well as read up on how best to pick one. That’s where we’ve got you covered with plenty of advice below but you need to go with what works best for your situation.

How to choose a robot vacuum on Labor Day

Knowing what to look for in a robot vacuum is crucial if you want to make the best of the Labor Day robot vacuum deals going on at the moment.

As with any purchase, knowing your budget should be your first thing to consider. Spending more than you can afford is never a good idea no matter how sweet the Labor Day robot vacuum sales might be right now. Figure it out and stick to it. Maybe come up with a tiny bit extra if you can stretch yourself a little to gain some extra features, but don’t go any further.

Once you’ve figured out your budget, check out our look at the best robot vacuums and learn all about the best robot vacuums available right now. Brands like iRobot, Roborock, and Eufy are always good options to consider with different brands offering different features and prices.

If you’re looking for something specific, check out our look at the best robot vacuums for pet hair too, as well as the best robot vacuums for hardwood floors. They’re key parts of the robot vacuum experience for many potential users so it’s good to catch up on what to expect before you dive into the Labor Day robot vacuum deals.

Knowing how robot vacuums work is a great idea too and there are things you probably didn’t know robot vacuums could do. That includes the ability to spot clean specific areas, clean specific rooms, and work on specific schedules too.

Some robot vacuums can empty themselves too. Whether you need that feature or not mostly depends on how much clean-up duty you want to do as well as how large your living space is. If you only have a small apartment or dorm then the ability to clean specific rooms and tidy up after itself may be less important than if you have a large open plan home.

It’s also important to check how your robot vacuum purchase handles barriers and whether it recognizes virtual ones set up by you in some way. Pretty much all robot vacuums can detect edges and avoid falls but it’s vital that you find one that can also be customized to your needs.

The Labor Day robot vacuum sales are a great opportunity to get more features for your money so you can stretch to something a bit fancier. At a minimum, you want to look out for high power so it can suck up the most dirt and debris with minimal effort but it’s useful to have extra features such as a comprehensive app and voice assistant support.

Some older robot vacuums still use remote controls and while they work well on a budget, they’re generally not as convenient as using an app or your voice. Look out at what’s in the Labor Day robot vacuum deals and bear in mind that the less you pay, the more limited the features may be.

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