Best mattress sales to kick off October: Leesa, Tempur-Pedic, and Sealy

Whatever “spooky szn” is, the start of October apparently means it’s here. And that also means Halloween, horror movies and cooler weather. If you’re having a hard time falling asleep this month, it may not be because you’re still spooked by the movie you just saw – it might just be your mattress.

One of the best ways to restart your sleep schedule and to renew your love for sleep is to get a brand new mattress. While The Better Sleep Council recommends you get a new mattress every seven to 10 years, that figure is if you’re taking phenomenal care of a premium quality mattress. If you’re somehow still sleeping on your college mattress or if you’ve inherited a mattress from your parents, even if that mattress is younger than 7 years old, it’s probably worth getting a new one.

Luckily, some of our favorite brands have some great deals to get you saving on your new mattress right now. Check them out.

Cocoon by Sealy

25% off Chill Mattress plus free pillows and sheets

best 4th of july mattress sales cocoon by sealy

The hot weather may be cooling down, but if you’re a naturally warm sleeper, colder weather isn’t going to magically cure your night sweats. However, a quality mattress that’s made for hot sleepers can help. Cocoon by Sealy’s Chill mattress is 25% off right now, plus you’ll get two DreamFit pillows and a DreamFit sheet set to dress it. That means you can welcome in Halloween with a king size Chill mattress for $863 rather than its regular price of $1,150. Hence the name, the Chill mattress is designed for hot sleepers. It’s made with Cocoon by Sealy’s phase change material, which absorbs and disperses heat from your body.


Save on a mattress base or bedding and pillows when you buy a mattress

tempur luxe breeze firm mattress

If you’re looking for another mattress designed specifically for those of us who heat up at night, Tempur-Pedic has a few options for you. However, this sale offers your choice between a $300 instant gift when you buy any mattress set or 25% off pillows and sheets when you buy a mattress. You become eligible for your $300 gift when you buy a non-closeout Tempur-Pedic mattress and a foundation or TEMPUR-Ergo power base. Tempur-Pedic’s power base is perfect for co-sleepers with different sleep schedules or preferences, as you can sit your side of the bed up to read before falling asleep while your partner lies flat.


$250 off the Leesa Legend Mattress plus a free Leesa Pillow

holiday sales mattresses bedding leesa

Leesa is offering its luxury model, the Legend Mattress, for $250 off. That means you can get its queen size for $2,249 rather than the regular price of $2,499. Plus, you’ll get a free Leesa Pillow with your purchase, which is another $80 value on top of what you’re saving on your mattress. The Legend mattress is different from Leesa’s other mattresses because it offers two extra layers, making it a five-layered mattress. The Legend cover is a hypoallergenic and cotton cover to give you an attractive finish and a soft top. The Legend Relief and Stability layer combines micro-pocket springs and foam to give you extra relief for your hips and shoulders, which are two areas of the body that can get sore if you’re sleeping on the wrong mattress.

Shop Leesa


$200 off sitewide through Oct. 15, $100 off plus a free mattress protector Oct. 16-Nov. 12

columbus day sales on mattresses dreamcloud desktop mattress full khjbasdj 720x720

DreamCloud’s fall sale is still running, giving you $200 off sitewide. That means you can save on the the luxury DreamCloud mattress or pick up a new base. And don’t forget to check out DreamCloud’s sheet sets, pillows, mattress protector and weighted blanket. If you’re still browsing for a new mattress, DreamCloud isn’t rushing you; if you miss the fall sale, which ends on Oct. 15, DreamCloud’s next sale starts just a day after. Oct. 16-Nov. 12, you can get $100 off plus a free mattress protector. You don’t need a coupon for either sale; just add everything to your cart and the sale will automatically apply at checkout.


Up to $200 off plus two free pillows with access code


Helix is running a four-day flash sale, so don’t miss out. Depending on how much you’ve got in your cart, you can save up to $200 and get two Dream pillows. Get $100 off any mattress purchase with code 4DAYFLASH100, $150 off when you spend more than $1,250 with 4DAYFLASH150 and $200 off when you spend more than $1,750 with 4DAYFLASH200. Every sale level will earn you two Dream pillows. If you’re overwhelmed by how many mattresses Helix offers, check out the brand’s Sleep Quiz to determine which of the many mattresses is right for you.

Casper Mattress

$100 off Casper mattress, $200 off Wave mattress

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This Halloween, you can pick up a mattress by the company that shares its name with the friendly ghost. How perfectly on brand. Casper is offering $100 off its titular mattress and $200 off its luxury model, the Wave. The Casper features four layers, and is a great mattress for sleepers of all types. The Wave mattress is made with five layers for the more discerning sleeper. Its extra layer features springs to give you a more supportive yet durable base upon which to sleep, so you retain all the comfort of a Casper mattress and feel supported and comfortable, too.


$100 off any order over $500 through Oct. 15

nectar adjustable bed frame

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, getting to that $500 minimum should be easy. Nectar’s memory foam mattresses are relatively affordable without sacrificing comfort, and they even come with a year-long home trial, lifetime warranty, and free shipping and returns. With this sale, you can get Nectar’s queen size mattress for $699 or king size for $899. This layered mattress comes with a gel memory foam cover to give you extra cooling power, which tops another layer of gel memory foam, adaptive hi core memory foam, a breathable base layer and a bottom mattress cover to keep your mattress from sliding around at night.


Free Purple product with your mattress

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Purple has expanded into mattresses since it started with its Kickstarter-funded odd-looking pillow, and despite its unconventional appearance, these mattresses and pillows have completely changed how we see mattresses. During this sale, choose from the Purple, Purple Hybrid or Purple Hybrid Premier mattress and get another Purple product free. Purple offers tons of extras in addition to its pillows and mattresses, so you could save up to $158 during this sale.

How to choose a mattress

Hopefully we haven’t spooked you with these incredible deals and instead inspired you to change up your sleeping arrangement. However, there are tons of different mattresses here, so how do you know which one is right for you? Well, make sure you consider a few things before choosing one because it’s the cheapest or most expensive. Remember, every person has different sleeping preferences, so the mattress that seems comfiest on paper may not be the best fit for your body. Do yourself a favor and make sure you consider the following before taking advantage of any fall deals:

Mattress material

Mattress material can mean the difference between a bed you never want to leave and a bed that irritates your skin. Don’t compromise on mattress material; if you’re breaking out into hives because a particular material doesn’t agree with your skin or because it’s just not comfortable for how you sleep, you’ve got the worse end of the deal.

  • Side sleepers typically like supportive memory foam. Side sleepers need to support their lower backs yet cushion their shoulders and hips, and memory foam can do both.
  • Latex mattresses are springy and soft, which makes them a good choice for both stomach and back sleepers. Because of the positioning of your neck, back sleepers are at the highest risk of snoring, so latex mattresses can keep your head from tilting backward.
  • Coil mattresses, also called innerspring, are highly supportive, which makes them good for back and stomach sleepers. Stomach and back sleepers need a level plane on which to sleep or else they’re risking suffocating and snoring respectively. As a rule of thumb, stomach sleepers prefer the softest pillows, but the most supportive beds.
  • If you don’t have a strong preference for sleeping position, a hybrid mattress can be a good choice, too. Hybrid mattresses combine soft, cushioned memory foam with supportive coils, so if you switch between your side and stomach throughout the night, a hybrid mattress can save your spine.

Your body type

It makes sense that your body type should play a role in the mattress you buy as well. Wide-framed sleepers may be tempted to choose a soft, cushioned mattress, but you don’t want to wake up in a mattress that’s permanently formed to your body’s shape. On the other hand, small-framed sleepers need a mattress that doesn’t give them the feeling of sleeping on a rock. And, for you small-framed sleepers, if you wind up with a mattress that’s far too supportive and hard, you can always pick up a high quality memory foam mattress topper to give your body some relief.

Your sleeping position

Like your pillow, your mattress choice should be informed by your sleeping position. Stomach sleepers likely will prefer a supportive and firm mattress that doesn’t let their face or neck sink too far in and suffocate them. Mattresses that are too soft can also cause you to overheat, especially if you sleep on your stomach or your side and have your face against your mattress all night. Side sleepers might want to consider mattresses that support their side and legs while giving their shoulders and hips some relief so they’re not waking up in pain every morning. Back sleepers should go for something in the middle, and can often find the best mattress in a hybrid or memory foam model.

Interested in learning more products that can enhance your sleep and help you to wake up on the right side of the bed every morning? We’ve broken down some of the best smart pillows to track your sleep, pillows that will help you stay cool all night long and alarm clocks that will wake you gradually and peacefully.

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