These 8 portable projector deals let you enjoy big-screen video without a TV

Have you ever wanted to bring the cinema to your home? A home theater projector is a dream that many of us have but have never been able to afford. Although the best home projectors can get quite expensive, with full-sized models like Epson, Optoma, and BenQ coming in at anywhere between $200 and $2,500, there are many portable options that are great for smaller spaces and for users who desire portability.

If you don’t have the space or cash for a large HDTV, then a good portable projector is a great alternative for enjoying a big-screen experience in a small- to medium-sized room — especially if you have a killer speaker setup. We rounded up a selection of the best portable projector deals that let you live large for less.

The Best Deal

VisualGreat GP80 portable LED projector — $60
portable projector deals

Our favorite pick is one from VisualGreat, and it’s arguably the best value on our portable projector deals roundup. The VisualGreat GP80 boasts a powerful output of 1,800 lumens and a peak brightness of 220 lux. This model can throw a wide image of up to 180 inches at a range of up to 18 feet, so it’s a great choice for larger rooms. A handy remote control is also included. It supports 1080p Full HD output and handles HDMI, AV, VGA, and USB connections.

The VisualGreat GP80 is available from Amazon for the low price of $60, making it one of the best projector deals on our list.

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The Rest

Syhonic M1 portable projector — $39
portable projector deals

For the cheapest portable projector you can find, look no further than the budget-friendly Syhonic M1. This mini projector puts out 600 lumens of light and can throw an image of between 20 and 100 inches in size with support for resolutions of up to 720p. It supports HDMI, VGA, USB, and AV connections for compatibility with almost all of your video input devices, and you can also play media directly from an SD card.

The Syhonic M1 is the cheapest portable projector on our list, coming in at just $39 from Amazon.

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Deeplee mini portable projector — $54
portable projector deals

This mini projector from Deeplee takes portability to the next level with a built-in battery that offers up to 90 minutes of viewing time on a single charge. Use it for class and work presentations, or pair it with a portable power bank and take it on your camping trips and other adventures. It offers a 400-lumen output and is not Full HD, so it’s not as powerful as the other projectors on our roundup, but if you want one that you can use on the go, then this is a great option.

The Deeplee mini projector with built-in battery is priced at just $54 from Amazon with a limited-time 10-percent discount coupon (redeemable on the product page).

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Dihome portable projector — $73
projector deals Dihome

With a 1,500-lumen brightness output and the capability to project a wide image at a size of up to to 80 inches, this unit is perfect for small spaces like dorm rooms or bedrooms. It boasts a native resolution of 800 x 480 but can support 1080p Full HD output via HDMI with compatible input devices. It can also connect via standard AV, VGA, or USB cables.

The Dihome portable projector is currently available on Amazon for the low price of $73.

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Crenova XPE470 portable projector — $70
projector deals Crenova XPE470

Crenova makes a number of highly rated video projectors, and the top-rated XPE470 is one of the best portable projector deals going right now. The XPE470 puts out 1,200 lumens and can project a 1080p image of up to 130 inches in size in either a standard or widescreen aspect ratio. The projector connects to your input source via USB, VGA, or HDMI cable, and can play video from SD cards as well.

The Crenova XPE470 is now on sale for just $70 from Amazon.

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Elephas portable projector — $80 
portable projector deals

The Elephas portable projector boasts similar specs to the Crenova XPE470 but features a more retro-inspired design for a cool throwback look. This model delivers a brightness output of 1,200 lumens for a bright image at a width of up to 130 inches, and supports 1080p Full HD video. The Elephas offers a variety of input ports, including USB, SD, HDMI, AV, and VGA, for compatibility with virtually all modern devices.

The Elephas portable projector rings in at $80 on Amazon, making it a good alternative to the Crenova if you prefer its neat vintage aesthetics.

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AAXA Technologies cube portable projector — $143
portable projector deals

Small cube-shaped mini projectors are becoming more and more popular thanks to their palm-sized form factor. This pocket projector from AAXA Technologies measures just 2.4 inches on each side, yet still supports 720p HD resolution with a projected image size of 80 inches. The internal battery gives you up to 150 minutes of playback time, while HDMI, USB, and SD ports provide a number of options for video input.

The AAXA Technologies cube mini projector rings in at $143 from B&H.

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Apeman pico projector — $200
portable projector deals

Pico projectors tend to be a bit more expensive than your standard mini projectors, owing to their considerably smaller size. In fact, at less than four inches in length and width and less than one inch in thickness, the Apeman pico projector can fit into your pocket or bag so you can take it anywhere. This small but mighty projector can project an image as large as 100 inches and comes with a handy tripod, so it’s a great for traveling, camping, and other get-togethers when you’re on the go.

At $200 from Amazon, the Apeman pico projector is a more affordable alternative to other pocket-sized projectors that cost more than twice as much.

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