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Best air fryer deals at Best Buy for Prime Day 2022

With Amazon Prime Day finally upon us, Prime Day deals are popping up left and right, and we’ve been paying particularly close attention to Prime Day air fryer deals. However, Amazon is not the only place to score a deal this time of year. Best Buy is working overtime to keep up with Amazon during its biggest event of the year. Believe it or not the Best Buy Prime Day deals are as poppin’ as Amazon’s Prime Day deals, and air fryer deals are absolutely no exception. While Amazon certainly has some great air fryer deals, Best Buy is turning out to be stiff competition. Keep reading to learn more about our picks for the best air fryer deals currently happening at Best Buy.

Bella Pro Series 2-Quart Digital Air Fryer — $35, was $50

Bella Pro Series 2-quart Digital Air Fryer with pastry.

Why Buy

  • 2-quart capacity
  • Intuitive digital touchscreen
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Easy to clean

For apartment dwellers or those living alone, air frying does not have to be limited to those with seemingly endless counter space. Thanks to the Bella Pro Series 2-quart digital air fryer, you can prepare smaller quantities of your favorite fried foods in a compact appliance that keeps your kitchen clutter to a minimum. The best part of all is that the Bella Pro Series 2-quart is extremely affordable, so making meals with a healthier cooking method than deep frying is within reach.

The Bella Pro Series 2-quart allows you to prepare up to 1.7 pounds of your favorite food at a time, and you can count on Bella Pro’s high-performance circular heat technology to cook your food quickly, and evenly, and of course, extra crispy every time. Having 1200W of power mean that there’s no preheating required. The Bella Pro Series 2-quart provides a healthier alternative to deep frying with air frying, broiling, baking, roasting, and reheating with little to no oil.

With its intuitive digital touchscreen, you can easily control and adjust the temperature to match all of your favorite recipes. The automatic shutoff feature is also a game changer; the 60-minute timer automatically turns off with an alert for added safety with every use. Best of all, the Bella Pro Series 2-quart is incredibly easy to clean. It’s PFOA-free and has a nonstick pan and crisping tray, both of which are totally dishwasher safe. If you’re thinking about giving air frying a try, the Bella Pro Series 2-quart might just be your gateway into the wonderful world of healthier eating without compromising on taste.

Bella Pro Series 4-Quart Digital Air Fryer — $50, was $70

Bella Pro Series 4 quart digital air fryer facing forward.

Why Buy

  • 4-quart capacity
  • 1500W of power
  • Temperature range from 90 F to 400 F
  • Matte black finish

The Bella Pro Series 4-quart digital air fryer has all of the features and benefits that we already love about the Bella Pro Series 2-quart. The greater 4-quart capacity means that you’ll be able to make even more of your favorite meals for even more of your favorite people.

With the larger Bella Series Pro digital air fryer, you can prepare up to 3.3 pounds of your favorite food at a time. And just like the Bella Series Pro 2-quart, you can count on Bella Pro’s high-performance circular heat technology for fast, crispy, and evenly cooked food. The Bella Pro Series 4-quart comes with 1500W of power, meaning that no preheat is required thanks to its powerful heating system. The best thing about cooking with the Bella Pro Series 4-quart is that it provides a much healthier alternative to traditional deep-frying methods. With this air fryer you can broil, bake, roast, and reheat in addition to air frying without using much oil, if any at all. Thanks to its intuitive digital touchscreen, you can control and adjust the temperature with ease to accommodate a variety of recipes.

Safety is incredibly important in the kitchen, which is why the Bella Pro Series 4-quart includes an automatic shutoff feature. The 60-minute timer turns off automatically and emits an alarm as well as indicator lights for extra safety after every use. The Bella Series Pro 4-quart features a gorgeous matte black finish that adds a sleek and stylish touch to every kitchen. One of the most exciting points about the Bella Series Pro 4-quart is that it’s easy to clean and its accessories are dishwasher safe. This is the Bella Series Pro upgrade that you definitely won’t regret.

Insignia 10-Quart Digital Air Fryer Oven — $70, was $130

Insignia 10-quart Air Fry Oven next to a cooked chicken.

Why Buy

  • Viewing window
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Auto shutoff timer
  • 10-quart capacity

For big families or very hungry couples, the Insignia 10-quart digital air fryer oven may be your new best friend. Air frying was already cool enough, but Insignia has taken it to the next level with its digital air fryer oven, which reaches temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit allowing you to roast, bake, and fry faster than ever before. With its 10-quart capacity, the Insignia digital air fryer is ready, willing, and able to serve up crispy, golden goodness to you, your family, and your friends in mere minutes. Seriously, this thing is a beast.

One of the biggest benefits of this particular model of air fryer is the viewing window, which allows you to check out your food and keep an eye on it while it’s cooking. Most standard air fryers don’t have a window, so there is often a little bit of guesswork involved the first couple of times you make anything new in it. Not the Insignia, though. The other thing that’s easy thanks to Insignia is that the 10-quart digital air fryer comes with an auto shut-off timer, which automatically turns off the air fryer when it’s done to prevent overcooking. If you aren’t exactly an iron chef in the kitchen, this air fryer has your back.

Best of all, this air fryer has many dishwasher-safe components. The rotisserie spit, racks, and drip pan can all go straight into the dishwasher so you are not spending any extra time scrubbing by hand. The Insignia 10-quart digital air fryer is BPA-free, so you never have to worry about unhealthy chemicals leaching into your food, either. If you’re planning to air fry for a crowd or you just love the idea of having lots of capacity in your new favorite kitchen appliance, definitely consider adding the Insignia 10-quart digital air fryer to your kitchen counter lineup.

Chefman TurboFry 9-Quart Digital Touch Dual Basket Air Fryer — $120, was $180

Chefman air fryer on a white background.

Why Buy

  • Dual baskets for meals ready in half the time
  • Built-in shake reminder
  • Dual sync feature
  • Easy to clean

There’s no air fryer that gets the job done quite the way that the Chefman TurboFry 9-Quart Dual Basket Air Fryer can. Two baskets means that you can make two different foods at the same time, cutting the time it takes to make dinner in half. With the Chefman TurboFry, you please a whole crowd with ease because dual baskets means two options.

The Chefman Turbo has two spacious 4.5-quart baskets, and thanks to Chefman’s Dual Sync Feature, you can cook meals that everyone is sure to love even faster. The synced baskets combined with an intuitive finish time feature make sure that both of your foods are ready at the exact same time. It also has eight built-in cooking functions, so you can air fry chicken, fish, steak, and french fries all to a flawless finish, using little to no oil. If none of those settings are right for what you want to cook, worry not! The Chefman TurboFry has an adjustable temperature control, so you can program your air fryer to cook at any temperature between 200 F and 400 F.

Thanks to its intuitive controls, you can easily select your preset, program your cook time and temperature, and start your air fryer within a matter of seconds. It truly could not be easier! The Chefman has an extra special feature called a shake reminder, which is a built-in LED light that alerts you when it’s time to give your food a good shake. It also doesn’t leave you to do very much dirty work. When you’re finished using it, just wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth. All of the Chefman TurboFry’s accessories are dishwasher safe, and the nonstick baskets could not be easier to clean.

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