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Best Prime Day external hard drive deals 2021: What to expect

Amazon’s Prime Day 2021 date is set on June 21 and June 22, which means we’re going to see a tremendous number of Prime Day deals next week. This will include some great Prime Day external hard drive sales with big discounts expected on some similarly big name brands in the external hard drive world. If you’re looking to extend the storage capacity of your PC, Mac, or gaming consoles, read on as we take a look at what to expect. We’re anticipating some great Prime Day external hard drive sales and we also take a look at whether Prime Day is the best time to buy a new external hard drive.

What Prime Day external hard drive deals to expect

Prime Day is traditionally a very good time to buy new technology and we’re expecting the Prime Day external hard drive sales this year to be just as strong. It’s likely we’ll see discounts across the board including major brands such as Western Digital, Samsung, and SanDisk. Look out for rugged brands such as LaCie too if you’re looking for some extra safe storage if you travel around a lot.

There should be Prime Day external hard drive deals on everything from the smallest size drives to behemoths that will hook up to your PlayStation 4 or 5 as well as Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S.

What Prime Day external hard drive deals we saw last year

Last year, we saw great Prime Day external hard drive sales across the board. This included discounts on a massive Western Digital Elements 12TB external hard drive as well as price cuts for the likes of the LaCie Rugged 5TB external hard drive. Gamers could also enjoy a price cut on the WD Black Game Drive 12TB edition and there were reductions on slimline devices like the Toshiba Canvio Slim 2TB too.

Effectively, whether you were looking for something slim and smaller in capacity, or a huge drive to store a vast number of files, there was something on offer for you here.

Should you buy a new external hard drive on Prime Day?

Prime Day is traditionally a very good time to buy technology and gadgets and we’re expecting the Prime Day external hard drive deals to be pretty good. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are sure to have good sales too but if you buy now, you can enjoy the delights of your new external hard drive straight away rather than wait a few months. Odds are you need the storage space now rather than later so this is a good time to buy one.

It’s worth taking the time to figure out your budget as well as what you need the external hard drive for. What capacity do you need? It’s good to buy more than you require but if a mere 1TB is plenty for you then don’t be tempted by a good offer on 12TB. It’s probably not worth it for you. Also, consider how portable you need the device to be and whether a rugged design is crucial or not. If it’s going under your TV and won’t move an inch for months then you don’t need to pay the extra for rugged protection.

Finally, check out our looks at the best external hard drives, and the best wireless external hard drives along with the best external hard drives for the PS4, and the best external hard drives for Xbox Series X for some key insight into what to buy.

The best external hard drive deals happening now

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