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Best TV deals at Walmart for Prime Day 2022

Best TV Deal Walmart Prime Day
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Amazon’s Prime Day deals have officially arrived, but this online retailer isn’t the only one slashing prices. Walmart is also offering huge discounts on all sorts of tech, and if you’re after some hot TV deals to upgrade your home theater setup for the summer, today’s the day to get shopping. This is a 48-hour event and many of the deals won’t last even that long, so you gotta be quick. To that end, we’ll help you cut to the chase with this roundup of the best TV deals at Walmart for Prime Day. Read on:

Best TV deals at Walmart for Prime Day 2022

  • Vizio 40-Inch D-Series 1080p Smart TV —
  • Vizio 50-Inch V-Series 4K Smart TV —
  • Hisense 58-Inch R6 Series 4K Roku TV —
  • TCL 65-Inch 4-Series 4K Roku TV —
  • TCL 55-Inch 5-Series 4K QLED Roku TV —
  • Vizio 65-Inch M6 Series 4K QLED Smart TV —

Vizio 40-Inch D-Series 1080p Smart TV — $198, was $415

The Vizio 40-Inch D-Series 1080p Smart TV.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why Buy

  • Nice size for smaller rooms
  • 1080p resolution looks great at this size
  • Full suite of streaming capabilities
  • Voice controls available with mobile app

Ultra HD is great, but shelling out the cash for a 4K TV might be overkill if you just need a smaller screen for a bedroom, playroom, or similar area where a big-screen television would overwhelm. At 40 inches, this Vizio D-Series smart TV is perfect for spaces like the ones just mentioned, and it’s on sale right now at a price that won’t leave a huge dent in your wallet.

The Vizio 40-inch D-Series smart TV lets you enjoy all of your favorite streaming content in crisp 1080p Full HD, which is ideal for a television of this size. Its SmartCast software puts popular streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Prime Video, YouTube, HBO Max, and more right at your fingertips, and you can even command everything hands-free with the companion mobile app that enables voice controls. WatchFree+ gives you access to hundreds of completely free live and on-demand TV channels as well.

The Vizio D-Series 1080p TV packs some nice extras for the price, too, including a built-in gaming engine that automatically optimizes the picture for playing video games, resulting in a smooth image and low input lag. It also has Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast built right in, allowing you to stream media directly to the television from any compatible device. If you have smart home devices powered by Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant, you can sync them with the TV as well.

Vizio 50-Inch V-Series 4K Smart TV — $298, was $358

The 50-inch Vizio V-Series 4K TV with a sunset scene on the screen.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why Buy

  • 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • Dedicated gaming mode
  • Voice remote included
  • Easy setup

Moving up to 4K resolution brings us to the 50-inch Vizio V-Series TV, which is on sale at about the lowest price you’ll find an Ultra HD television selling for today. It measures 50 inches, so it’s an ideal size for a larger bedroom or midsized common area. And since it’s 4K panel lets you enjoy all your content in Ultra HD and supports HDR and HDR10, you can be sure you’re getting something that won’t be out of date in a couple of years.

The Vizio V-Series TV ticks all the boxes when it comes to streaming capabilities, too. It supports all of the popular streaming apps so you can binge your content libraries from Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and whatever other apps you use, and WatchFree+ offers tons of free entertainment on top of that. The IQ Active Processor even upscales legacy content so your old DVDs and non-4K Blu-Rays will look better than ever (rather than stretched out and blurry), and three HDMI ports give you some hookups for media players, gaming consoles, and more.

One of those HDMI ports has ARC support as well, meaning you can hook up a soundbar with a single HDMI cable for perfectly synced video and audio with less cable clutter. Setup is easy, and you’ll be ready to get streaming within an hour of opening the box. The Vizio V-Series TV can also integrate with your Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit smart home ecosystem if you’re so inclined, and even if you don’t take advantage of that ability, the included voice remote gives you complete control.

Hisense 58-Inch R6 Series 4K Roku TV — $298, was $338

The 65-inch Hisense R6 Series 4K TV with the Roku TV interface on the screen.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why Buy

  • Roku TV software is great for streaming
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • MotionRate 120 and Game Mode delivers a smooth picture
  • Voice remote included

Roku is one of those names that was part of the vanguard of the streaming revolution, and while it started out as a plug-in streaming device, it wasn’t long before the Roku name started popping up on smart TVs with its streaming software built-in. The Hisense R6 4K Roku TV is one such smart television, combining a great 4K picture with everything we love about the Roku TV streaming OS.

If you’re at all familiar with Roku, then you already know what to expect; if not, just know that it’s one of the most popular streaming interfaces for a reason. Setup is easy and it puts all of your favorite streaming platforms — Netflix, Peacock, Prime Video, you name it — right at your fingertips. There’s also plenty of free TV channels to enjoy. The Hisense R6 Series Roku TV adds some other neat features as well, such as MotionRate 120 technology and an automatic Game Mode that delivers a smoother, lag-free image during fast-paced movies, games, and sports action.

The 58-inch 4K panel is a great size if a 50- or 55-inch TV is a little on the small side, but a 65-inch TV is overkill for your space. If you own an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device, such as an Echo or Nest smart speaker or smart display, you can sync them with the Hisense R6 Series smart TV for easy smart home integration and hands-free control. A voice remote is included as well. This 4K TV pretty much has it all, and at a great price thanks to Walmart Prime Day deals.

TCL 65-Inch 4-Series 4K Roku TV — $398, was $800

A TCL 65-inch Class 4-Series 4K TV mounted on a living room wall with an image of the Northern Lights on screen.

Why Buy

  • Slick and intuitive Roku software
  • Great size for most living rooms
  • Four HDMI inputs
  • Wireless and wired internet connectivity

A 65-inch TV is arguably the best choice for most living rooms, as it delivers a nicely cinematic experience without being too large or cumbersome to deal with. The TCL 4-Series is easily one of the best Roku TVs and is a great choice if this is the size you’re after. And at this discounted price, it’s one of our favorite Prime Day TV deals for those looking for something a bit larger than our other picks.

TCL is the leading brand for Roku TVs, so it’s no surprise to see the 4-Series 4K television running this great software. The Roku OS is, as we already stated, slick and intuitive, and makes it a breeze to access your content libraries from whatever streaming apps and services you use. Four HDMI ports (one with HDMI ARC support) also give you plenty of connections for input devices like Blu-Ray players and gaming consoles, so you’re good to go for all of your home entertainment needs.

The Roku software also gives you access to plenty of free channels, and the built-in digital tuner lets you watch local channels with no cable box required. The TCL 4-Series 4K TV supports both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity as well, so you have options when it comes to how you want to stream (for instance, if you find your local Wi-Fi isn’t quite up to the task, you’re not stuck with it). Overall, this is a very well-rounded 65-inch TV, and it’s available at a very attractive price during Prime Day.

TCL 55-Inch 5-Series 4K QLED Roku TV — $428, was $700

A TCL Roku TV on top of a TV stand.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why Buy

  • Quantum dot panel delivers a vibrant picture
  • 80 different lighting zones for deeper contrast
  • Nice smart features
  • Fantastic price for a QLED TV

QLED TV deals abound nowadays (especially during events like Prime Day), and you don’t have to pay nearly as much for one of these televisions as you did a few years ago. Instead of standard LED backlighting, QLED TVs like this TCL 5-Series television utilize quantum-dot LED panels that feature an overlay of light-catching particles. This additional layer amplifies light and color, resulting in a brighter and more color-accurate picture.

That makes QLED TVs better for daytime viewing, and if you’re willing to pay a little more, it’s worth the upgrade in our opinion. But the TCL 55-inch 5-Series QLED 4K TV isn’t some one-trick pony: This set has the smarts, too, with Roku TV streaming software and TCL’s AiPQ Engine that automatically optimizes output by improving color, contrast, and even resolution for non-4K content. The Auto Game Mode does the same when it’s time to do some gaming,.

The 4K QLED panel also features 80 separate lighting zones to produce deeper contrast (i.e., lighter whites and darker blacks), and the 5-Series TV is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant devices for hands-free control. Don’t have any of those? No worries: The Roku mobile app lets your smartphone or tablet work like a voice remote. At this Prime Day price, this is one of the best QLED TV deals we’ve seen this year.

Vizio 65-Inch M6 Series 4K QLED Smart TV — $598, was $678

Vizio 65-inch M6 QLED 4K TV on white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why Buy

  • Lovely QLED panel
  • Ideal 65-inch size
  • Great for gaming
  • Voice remote

If you need something a bit bigger, this bargain on the 65-inch Vizio M6 Series is one of our favorite Prime Day TV deals up for grabs right now — and it’s even got a QLED panel. We already stated that 65 inches is a great “sweet spot” for larger common areas such as basements and living rooms, and the addition of a gorgeous quantum-dot 4K screen is just icing on the cake.

The M6 Series 65-inch 4K QLED TV comes loaded with Vizio’s SmartCast streaming software, so you’re good to go with all the popular streaming apps and platforms. Vizio’s WatchFree+ platform even gives you a plethora of free TV channels to browse. The M6 Series television is great for gaming, too, thanks to its built-in V-Gaming Engine, which optimizes output and responsiveness, and AMD FreeSync, which mitigates annoying screen-tearing when things start moving fast.

Some other noteworthy smart features include a handy voice remote and compatibility with Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant, which lets you add this TV to your smart home setup if you have one (you don’t need to in order to use the voice remote, of course). You also get Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast built right in so you can stream content to the TV from an external device. If you’re looking to make the jump to a QLED TV without paying an arm and a leg, the Vizio M6 Series is one of our favorite TV deals for the purpose.

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