The 10 best windproof umbrellas to help you weather the storm

The rains have come and they have no mercy. If it wasn’t for that trusty umbrella of yours, the battle against persistent precipitation would be rather futile. But is it equipped to handle everything Mother Nature can throw at it?

That cheap version you picked up at the grocery store may be perfect for a lovely stroll through a light autumn mist, but it’s just one big gust of wind away from transforming into a broken rain collector. To keep you dry during the wet season, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best windproof umbrella deals available now.

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The Best

The Davek Solo – $99

best windproof umbrellas davek solo umbrella angle

If you’re looking for the best of the best, The Davek Solo is perfect for you. With a unique WindFibre Frame System, The Solo can handle just about everything nature has to throw at you. The high-end canopy is constructed with 190 thread count fabric — the most tightly woven available — to offer the best possible protection from precipitation and wind. Not to mention it has the Auto open close button on its leather handle and is just compact enough to slip into your backpack.

The Davek Solo  is more than just a product, it’s an investment, and this is a travel umbrella that will stand the test of time.

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The Rest

The GustBuster Metro Windproof Umbrella — $37

GustBuster best windproof umbrella

Wind-tested up to 55-mph, the GustBuster lives up to its name. With patented temper-hardened steel joint connectors and a sturdy design, this sturdy automatic umbrella is sure to survive anything short of the high winds of a category 1 hurricane. This wind-resistant piece of technology is equipped with an auto open mechanism as well as a sheath, making it the perfect portable companion for weathering heavy rain in a storm. When you aren’t using this travel umbrella, you can easily slip it into a backpack and use it another time.

A good umbrella should be strong, sturdy, and able to withstand any strong winds you might face out there in the world. You can pick up the unflippable GustBuster Metro from Amazon for just $37, and see why hundreds of Amazon reviewers liked this lightweight rain umbrella.

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Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella — $21

best windproof travel umbrella

If you’re looking for the best travel-friendly option, the Repel travel umbrella is the way to go. This little rain shield is constructed with nine resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs to make sure that nasty gust of wind doesn’t turn it inside out every time you use it. The canopy is covered in a tough Teflon coating for an extra waterproof buffer between you and that rainy day. Due to the fiberglass rib design, It’s compact, lightweight frame makes it perfect for travel during the day, and a lifetime replacement guarantee makes it a safe bet.

The Repel windproof travel umbrella is currently available on Amazon for $21 and is eligible for free shipping.

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Crown Coast Windproof Umbrella — $12

Best fun windproof umbrella

Function is important when it comes to rain and wind protections, but what about style? The Crown Coast compact umbrella is not only built to withstand up to 60 mph winds, it also provides you with your own little slice of blue sky. Crown coast also has a variety of different fabric style options, as well as an awesome lifetime warranty — just in case it ever breaks or gets damaged. With its fun in the sun design, we highly recommend using this as a beach umbrella for UV protection during the day. Even if you don’t use it for strong sun protection against UV rays, it’s still fun to play with the auto button.

You can pick up this stylish rain umbrella for just $12 on Amazon.

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Umenice Automatic Windproof Umbrella — $16

If you’re looking for a cheaper option that doesn’t sacrifice quality, this sturdy umbrella is the perfect choice. A compact design makes it very easy to tote around, while a decent 39-inch diameter ensures you get all of the rain protection you need. With nine reinforced fiberglass ribs and high-quality Teflon canopy, you won’t need to worry about the wind knocking it out of commission.

You can grab this practical windproof umbrella for just $16 on Amazon. This tiny little thing is great for slipping into totes on a pleasant walk to the grocery store, not that you use totes.

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Hamalaya Windproof Travel Umbrella — $13

Sometimes nine ribs just aren’t enough. This particular windproof umbrella comes with 10 reinforced ribs, allowing it to handle up to 60 mph winds, as well as a canopy that can handle whatever nature chucks its way. This travel umbrella is perfect for those who want a compact option that can handle anything that is thrown at it. According to the product details, you can return this product within 180 days for a full refund, and a 100 percent lifetime guarantee ensures you can get a replacement sent to you if anything ever goes wrong.

You can pick up this beautiful piece of rain busting tech for the price of $13 on Amazon.

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Procella Windproof Golf Umbrella — $34

best windproof golf umbrella

While compact models are great for protecting a single person from the rain, sometimes you’ll need something a little bit bigger — that’s where these larger options come in. This windproof option packs a 62-inch diameter, so you can protect you and someone you love from the unpredictable forces of nature. With a vented canopy and Teflon-coated fabric, this is resistant umbrella is as durable as it is hydrophobic. There are no returns on this particular item, but you can register your product for a Limited Lifetime Guarantee to have a little extra peace of mind about your purchase.

You can pick up the resistant Procella windproof rain destroyer, non-slip handle included, for the price of $34 on Amazon. It should be noted, however, that this umbrella will only open the old fashioned way.

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G4Free Automatic Windproof Golf Umbrella — $20

If you’re looking for something a little bit bigger but don’t want to sacrifice the joy of having an auto feature, this is the perfect model for you. With a hardened steel frame and a vent, this beast of rain blocker is virtually windproof, and a large 68-inch canopy gives you all the rain protection you could ever need. The G4Free stick umbrella also comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

You can pick up this oversized umbrella for just for the price of $20 on Amazon. The best part about any umbrella is how quickly you can open it, and you know it.

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Sis-Tek Windproof Golf Umbrella — $25

If you’re looking for a resistant umbrella designed specifically with high wind in mind, this one is the way to go. With its unique wind resistant double canopy design, air is easily released from inside the canopy so you’re not pulled in every direction. These two fully reinforced canopy flaps, with a rib spaced evenly throughout,  allow you to brave the elements without fear. A full umbrella warranty is also applied to your purchase in case there are any defects after you open it.

You can pick up the Sis-Tek Windproof umbrella for the price of $25 on Amazon, proving high-quality wind resistance doesn’t need to get too expensive.

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Double Layer Inverted Umbrella — $19

inverted umbrella

Wind and rain are meant to be kept outside, not brought inside. This double layer rain umbrella has all of the rib reinforcements and wind protection you need on the outside with a soft and dry cloth layer on the interior. As great it is to leave that huge wet spot on the back seat your car, this inverted folding canopy gives you the choice to rest your compact umbrella on the dry side and open the wet side in.

You can pick up the Double Layer Inverted Umbrella for just $19 on Amazon. If you want an umbrella that will open and close like a normal bubble umbrella, see the options above.

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