Best mattress deals through Cyber Week 2019

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, but don’t delete all those products you bookmarked and don’t stop looking for great deals. If you’ve been following our Digital Trends Deals over the last few days, you know to expect more great sales to come even through Cyber Week. But don’t feel overwhelmed, we’re keeping you up to date on everything happening throughout the next week, because Cyber Week lasts all, well, week.

Now, let’s talk about one of our personal favorite topics: Sleep. Thanksgiving is over and the holiday season has just begun. You’re probably exhausted, so if you want to wake up feeling extra well-rested in the days to come, you’ll benefit from mattress deals, bed sheet deals, or some pillows and linens deals. After all, you deserve to go into the holidays stress-free and feeling great, and there’s no better way to do that than to get the best sleep possible. Ready to dive into some of the best still-running Cyber Week mattress sales? Let’s do it.


10% off through December 10

With multiple luxurious layers, Saatva is a mattress you’ll want to buy and sleep on for life. While Saatva offers just one mattress right now, you can choose from plush soft, luxury firm, and firm options to have a bit of customization. The queen size starts at $1,099, so through December 10, you can get this mattress for under $990. Saatva’s mattress comes with an ultra-cozy luxury Euro pillow top, edge support to keep your mattress from sagging and a layer that features 416 individually wrapped coils for a firm and supportive night’s sleep.

Saatva Deals


$100 off any mattress, plus two free memory foam pillows extended through December 5

Nectar Sleep Mattress

Nectar’s Black Friday sale began early and will run late, and you’re getting savings amounting to $250. The sale includes $100 off any size of the Nectar mattress, which brings a queen size down to $699. Plus, you’re getting two free memory foam pillows on top of that, which typically go for $75 each. The Nectar mattress is memory foam, which is a good material for anyone to start with, as it offers medium firmness without being too firm like a latex mattress might be. If you missed this deal, don’t fret; Nectar has extended this deal through Cyber Week.


Save up to $350 through December 6

Over at Leesa, the more you spend, the more you save through December 6. You still have plenty of time to ruminate on this Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, but meditate on this: Get $150 the Leesa Original mattress, $250 off the Hybrid and $350 off Leesa’s most luxurious option, the Legend. But that’s not all, with every mattress you get two free down alternative pillows, which go for $59 each regularly (though they’re on sale now for just $50 each). That means if you’re in the market for the Leesa Legend, which contains five layers – two of which are only available in this model – you’re getting nearly $470 off your entire order.

Tuft & Needle

Sales extended through December 9

Instead of just giving you an extra 24 hours or so, Tuft and Needle has extended its sale all the way through Cyber Week, ending December 9. You can get its Mint Mattress collection for $200 off, or 15% off furniture and accessories.


$150 off mattresses plus free pillows and mattress protector through December 9

Layla’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, which runs a week past Cyber Monday, is saving you $350 no matter what size mattress you buy. Layla’s memory foam mattress is unique because it’s like you’re getting two mattresses in one. Layla’s interestingly designed mattress is soft on the lighter side and firm on the darker side, which means if you’re waking up in a bit of back pain and need either more support or more softness, just flip your mattress to the other side and feel better instantly. You’re getting $150 off any size Layla mattress, plus the brand is throwing in two free premium pillows and a mattress protector for good measure.


Save up to $400 on select sets extended through December 9

If you’d been doing the same thing for more than 130 years, you’d be considered the best around, too. Sealy has been making mattresses since 1881, and though the Sealy mattresses from the late 1800s probably looked quite different than they do now, you know you’re getting something tried and true with Sealy. Through Cyber Week, extended from its original Cyber Monday deal, you can save up to $400 on select sets by the historic brand. Save $200 on the Premium Hybrid and Conform mattresses, $100 on Performance Hybrid and Conform, and $999 on the queen-size Hybrid Essential mattress.

Cocoon by Sealy

25% off Chill Mattress plus a free DreamFit Sheet Set and two free DreamFit pillows extended through December 9

Can’t get enough Sealy? Try the Cocoon line, which is all about keeping you cool at night. If you have trouble staying asleep or getting to sleep at night because you’re always overheating, try out a Chill Mattress, and this Cyber Week, try it for 25% off, because like its parent brand, Cocoon by Sealy has extended its sale through December 9. Choose between medium soft and extra firm models of this memory foam mattress, and experience Cocoon by Sealy’s Phase Change Material, which removes heat from your body and circulates it away from the mattress. If that’s not enough of a deal for you, Cocoon by Sealy is throwing in two DreamFit Pillows and a DreamFit sheet set for free, so you’ll be ready to get an incredible night’s sleep for the start of the new year.


$200 off DreamCloud Mattress extended through December 5

DreamCloud has extended its deal by a week, which means through the morning of December 5, you can get the super lofty DreamCloud mattress in queen size for just $999. With five layers, this hybrid mattress is super supportive and truly lives up to its name. The Quilted Euro Top layer is super soft, so side sleepers and back sleepers can really get cozy, but stomach sleepers won’t overheat thanks to the supportive pocketed innerspring coil layer. This mattress is great for couples who share a bed but not sleeping preferences, as it’s not too soft and not too firm, but the perfect level of softness.


Up to $200 off a mattress plus two free pillows extended


When it comes to choice, Helix blows other brands out of the water. In fact, Helix has so many mattresses to choose from that the brand recommends you take its Sleep Quiz before deciding on a mattress. Give in to temptation and find out which mattress suits you the best, and save in the process. Helix is offering up to $200 off if you spend over $1,750 with code Cyber200, $150 off when you spend more than $1,250 with code Cyber150 and $100 off any mattress sale with code Cyber100. And with any mattress sale, Helix is giving last-minute Cyber Monday shoppers two free Dream pillows.

Birch by Helix

$200 off with code Cyber200

If you’re intrigued by Helix, or if you want an eco-friendly mattress that’s rife with certifications, Birch by Helix is the way to go. Birch by Helix is a brand dedicated to using natural and organic materials, including wool sourced from New Zealand, premium Talalay latex from southeast Asia, and organic cotton from the U.S. Even the flame retardant in your Birch mattress is made with natural wool fibers and rayon. If you’re looking for an organic mattress, but you still want a deal, save $200 on a Birch mattress and sleep better knowing you’re sleeping on a product that’s good for the environment and your skin, too.


$300 off orders of $1,299 or more through December 8

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress

Nest has a wide range of mattresses, so you can be sure you’re getting the right mattress for a great deal. This is a longer-running sale than most on this list; when you spend more than $1,299 through December 8, you’ll save $300 off your order. One of those great mattresses is an organic latex mattress, which you can get in a queen size for just $2,299 during this sale. Nest also has foam and innerspring mattresses, and the brand even offers an organic crib mattress to keep your little one healthy.

Brooklyn Bedding

25% off sitewide with code CYBERMONDAY30 extended through December 8

You may have missed the incredible 30% off sitewide deal that ran just on Cyber Monday, but through December 8 you can still get a great deal through Brooklyn Bedding. Get 25% off sitewide, which puts you on the same playing field with the same deal as Black Friday shoppers. Don’t be shy; fill up your cart by dressing your whole bed in Brooklyn Bedding sheets, pillows and even a new foundation, all for 25% off.


15% off Luxe and Supreme mattresses with code HOLIDAY15 through December 24

Allswell was offering 20% off sitewide for its Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, but just because you missed the mad rush of deals doesn’t mean you have to pay full price. This holiday season, Allswell is offering 15% off its Luxe and Supreme mattresses when you use the code HOLIDAY15. This deal runs all the way up through Christmas Eve, so if you need any discounted yet last-minute gifts for your closest loved one who doesn’t stop complaining about back pain, why not win the holiday gift-giving award by buying them a new mattress?

Boll & Branch

25% off everything or 30% off when you spend $750 with promo code CYBERMONDAY and CYBERVIP

Boll & Branch is another brand offering a better deal to Cyber Monday shoppers than to Black Friday shoppers. Today, you’re automatically getting 25% off your entire order, no matter how much you spend. Just be sure to use code CYBERMONDAY. However, you can get even more off — and you likely will if you’re buying a mattress — with code CYBERVIP. All you have to do is spend more than $750, and you’ll get 30% off with that code. With 25% off your whole order automatically, don’t forget to check out some of Boll & Branch’s other interesting products, like bath and beach towels, hats and scarves, and even super comfortable pajamas.

Ashley Mattress

Up to 50% with an extra 10% off with code CYBERSAVE

Whether you prefer a bed in a box, a memory foam, plush top, hybrid or whatever other kinds of mattress, Ashley Homestore probably has it. And with its Cyber Monday sale, it joins tons of other brands in offering even more off of its wide array of mattresses with code CYBERSAVE. If you’re buying a bed in a box, you can save up to 60% on your new mattress. Either way, expect to get sucked into this retailer’s site; there’s a lot to see and consider before the clock strikes midnight.

Bear Mattress

25% off plus two free Cloud Pillows with code GIFT

Bear Mattress continued its deals into Cyber Monday: 25% off plus it’s throwing in two free Cloud Pillows with every order with promo code GIFT. The Bear Mattress makes it easy and painless to try: You get a 100-night risk-free trial, free shipping and returns, and a 10-year warranty. Plus, the brand uses environmentally friendly materials, so you can rest easy knowing you’re doing something good for the environment. This mattress features three types of foam, including a graphite-gel memory foam to keep you cool throughout the night.


10% off all mattresses extended through December 6

If you skipped Cyber Monday shopping, you may have missed out on Christeli’s best deal, which was 20% off your sale price at checkout, but if you buy now you’ll still get 10% off and free nationwide delivery, all tax-free. Just make sure to take advantage of this deal before it ends on December 6. Christeli has been handcrafting its mattresses since 1931, which makes it one of the U.S.’s most tenured mattress brands. That means you’re getting a tried and true mattress at a discount.


Brentwood Home

$500 off Cedar Natural Luxe hybrid mattress with code CYBER500 through December 9

It’s hard to find a mattress that ticks all the boxes, but Brentwood Home’s Cedar Natural Luxe hybrid mattress might just do that. First of all, the mattress is, of course, a hybrid, which means it has both memory foam and innersprings. It is made with natural and organic latex, wool and cotton, and it’s $500 off with code CYBER500. That means you can get a queen size mattress for just $2,399, and for a natural mattress, that’s a great deal.


$150 off mattresses extended through December 6 with code CM150

Zoma is one to watch; it has extended its deals a few times now, and it’s been extended again. If you’ve been holding out on this brand’s highest savings, you’ve got through December 6 to check out. Through the end of Cyber Week, AKA this Friday, you can get the Zoma Sports Mattress for $150 off plus free shipping and returns with code CM150. The deal might be ending soon, but if you’re quick, that means you can get this Certified Eco-Friendly by CertiPUR-US mattress in a queen size for just $700.

Luma Sleep

25% off mattresses, 15% off entire store extended through December 6

Luma Sleep has four mattresses to choose from: The Luma, natural hybrid latex, Hybrid Slumber System and Latex Slumber System. Luma makes it easy by showing you a side-by-side comparison of each mattress, with the Luma being the most basic model and the Latex Slumber System being the most luxury. Through December 6, the end of Cyber Week, you can get 25% off Luma’s mattresses and 15% off the entire rest of the store; a great deal if you’re on the search for the best mattress and bed frames, pillows, and bedding to go with it.


Up to $500 off extended through December 9

The uniquely designed SleepOvation mattress calls itself “700 tiny mattresses in one,” and if you check out some pictures of it, you know exactly what that means. The mattress features individual cells to provide maximum airflow and relief to your body’s most sore and tension-filled areas, while giving you support and firmness where you need it. SleepOvation was originally offering this deal on Cyber Monday only, but the brand has extended the deal through December 9, so you still have about a week.

What we know: Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019

In the wake of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the deals are (mostly) over. However, Cyber Week is still upon us, and that means you can still take advantage of some great deals and extended offers. For the uninitiated, Black Friday is always the day after Thanksgiving, which means it was on November 29 this year. Cyber Monday was the following Monday, which was December 2. Hopefully, you’ve now been able to get into your regular schedule again and you haven’t been too exhausted readjusting to a normal sleep and eating schedule, but with Cyber Week deals running even through December 9, you can still snag a new mattress to help you sleep at a discount.

How to know you’re getting the best deal

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to snag the best deals, most of those have passed us by now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed. That means, if you’re still looking for a great deal, you should buy now. Don’t wait; while some deals are still running, most of the deals are being taken down as you read this, so don’t delay. Even if you miss out on the great Cyber Week deals this week, keep us bookmarked; we make sure you know all the deals happening year-round.

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