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Blink Video Doorbell bundle gets a $200 discount in early Prime Day deal

The Blink Video Doorbell is an affordable option for home security.

Security camera deals are some of the most important promotions when it comes to your peace-of-mind. And in the lead-up to Prime Day deals, Amazon deals are only going to get more aggressive. That’s a good thing though, especially when the company is bundling multiple Blink items together to give you one big heap of savings. 

Right now, you can purchase the Blink Video Doorbell, three Blink Outdoor 4 security cameras, and the Sync Module 2 for $120, everything included. If that sounds like it’s too good to be true, rest assured you’re not dreaming. 

Why you should buy the Blink Video Doorbell bundle

Smart home devices have turned home surveillance into a very DIY undertaking. Such is the case with any Blink product. Each of the five products in this bundle can be installed and activated in record time. In the case of the Blink Video Doorbell, you’ll even be able to connect it to your home’s existing chime. 

Both the Blink Video Doorbell and the Blink Outdoor 4 cameras deliver up to 1080p HD live views, as well as IR night vision. When using the Blink app, you’ll be able to zoom in on certain subjects, while taking advantage of some impressive motion detection capabilities.  Create custom detection zones to keep tabs on certain parts of your property while ignoring others, along with surveillance schedules that keep your cameras armed when you’re away and disarmed while you’re home.

The included Sync Module 2 is more than just a network bridge for your new Blink gear: it’s the reason you may not need to pay for a monthly Blink subscription (which is $10 per month). Thanks to a built-in USB port, you’ll be able to connect a USB flash drive to store event recordings and manually-captured videos and snapshots. 

Ring deals and Google Nest deals are in abundance, but these types of top-tier bundles are the promos you may be remiss to pass up. Save $200 on all five Blink components when you purchase the Blink Video Doorbell through Amazon!

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