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Want to go solar? Bluetti’s Black Friday deals mean now is the best time to do so

BLUETTI AC300 solar power station and B300 batteries in a field.

Going solar, while commendable, can also be pretty expensive. That’s true whether you’re going with a smaller system and just a couple of panels, or a much larger one with lots of panels — like mounting them on the roof of your home. Usually, the long-term cost savings, and sometimes the credit incentives, offset that cost, but it’s not something you’ll see right away. So, one of the best times to grab a system is when there’s a deep sale, but that doesn’t happen too often. Well, now it has, and there’s a lot to choose from thanks to Bluetti.

Bluetti’s first entry in the solar market, the AC200 MAX power station, was a huge success, selling out constantly, as many pined for its wonderfully reliable support. The team has since released many products to market, and they’re all on sale for Black Friday. If you’ve been waiting for this opportunity, now’s your chance to get an amazing deal on a solar power station and generator. You can ditch your gas generator, or just go with something much more efficient and environmentally-friendly.

Below, you’ll find the answers to all of your pressing questions. Why choose Bluetti? Who needs a solar power station, and why? What models are on sale, and how much can you expect to save? If you already know the answers to those questions, or just want to browse the Bluetti Black Friday deals, you can do that, as well. Keep reading to learn our top picks and more!

The best Bluetti Black Friday deals on solar generators

  • AC50s 500WH | 300W Portable Power Station – was $429, now $359
  • EB55 537WH | 700W Portable Power Station – was $499, now $449
  • EB70 716WH | 700W Portable Power Station – was $599, now $529
  • EB150 1500WH/1000W Portable Power Station – was $1,099, now $899
  • EB240 2400WH/1000W Portable Power Station – was $1,599, now $1,299
  • AC200P 2000WH/2000W Portable Power Station – was $1,799, now $1,599
  • Bluetti AC300+B300 Power Station Combo – was $3,698, now starts at $2,999

Why should you buy a solar generator?

As a brief introduction, solar panels can be connected to a power delivery system, or battery, to charge or deliver electricity through solar energy. The panels collect the energy and convert it into electricity, which can be used to power devices, your home, and much more.

Not unlike gas generators, solar generators run or charge using converted electricity — from solar panels — to power whatever you have connected to them. They don’t use gas, however, they produce no emissions, and they’re much quieter. They also tend to be a lot lighter than gas generators, and they’re also low maintenance.

Those properties mean solar generators are better for the environment, especially since they produce no emissions. They’re also much more portable, they can be used just about anywhere, and because they’re quiet that introduces a lot of new opportunities for use, as well. Running them at night isn’t a big deal, for example, and yes, that’s possible.

The biggest benefit, however, is that solar energy is cheap, readily available, and accessible always. It’s a common misconception that on cloudy days solar panels or solar generators don’t charge, but they still do, just at slower rates than times when there’s direct sunlight.

Why Bluetti?

Bluetti’s solar generators are better described as power stations. You can think of them as large portable power packs — like the ones you plug your phone or tablet into to get more battery life. Of course, they’re much more powerful, have much larger capacities, and can power anything from small appliances to electronics and beyond.

Bluetti’s AC200 Max, for instance, can power a 2000-Watts coffee maker for 68 to 70 cups worth of brewing time. It can also power an electric grill for up to an hour, an air conditioner for 3 to 7 hours, and a light for over 50 hours.

They charge, not just by solar energy and with solar panels, but also via wall outlets, AC power, and even a combination — some models can charge via outlets and solar simultaneously.

They’re portable and relatively lightweight so you can bring them camping, on road trips, use them around your home, and anywhere you need power but don’t have access to a traditional outlet.

But the best part is that they cost a fraction of what traditional generators do, and they cost much less to charge and keep operational too, as they don’t need fuel. What’s more, Bluetti is offering some pretty amazing Black Friday deals, which you’ll see below.

AC50S-Blue 500WH | 300W Portable Power Station – was $429, now $359

Bluetti AC50S Blue Portable Power Station for everyday use.

Best for smaller power requirements, this ultra-safe Lithium Battery powered system has 3 charging methods, solar, AC outlets, and auto charging. It’s great for on the road and camping too.

EB55 537WH | 700W Portable Power Station – was $499, now $449

Bluetti EB55 Portable Power Station in black for camping and more.

Available in blue, gray, and orange this system is slightly larger than the AC50S and includes a 100W USB-C port for super-fast charging of most modern devices. You can charge it with solar, AC outlets, and cars.

EB70 716WH | 700W Portable Power Station – was $599, now $529

Bluetti EB70 Portable Power Station in red for energy.

Another step up, this power system is best for off-grid uses, whether you’re camping, living off-grid, or exploring the wilderness. You can charge multiple devices simultaneously, and it can be charged via solar, outlets, and more.

EB150 1500WH | 1000W Portable Power Station – was $1,099, now $899

Bluetti EB150 Portable Power Station in blue with carrying handle.

This plug-and-go power system can completely replace gasoline generators. It can power electronics, gaming PCs, dehumidifiers, tools, outdoor gear like snow blowers, and much more. It can charge via solar or AC wall outlets, and both simultaneously if need be. It also has a built-in carrying handle.

EB240 2400WH | 1000W Portable Power Station – was $1,599, now $1,299

Bluetti EB240 Portable Power Station blue for portable power.

Yet another step up, this massive power station is still extremely lightweight and portable. You can charge it via solar or AC wall outlets. It also comes with a bevy of ports including USB, USB-C, and DC.

AC200P 2000WH | 2000W Portable Power Station – was $1,799, now $1,599

Bluetti AC200P Portable Power Station in black power generator replacement.

The biggest of the bunch, at least in this list, this beast will power just about anything you throw at it. It has 17 output ports for multiple devices, with a dual AC adapter for fast recharging. It’s super quiet, eco-friendly, and much lighter than a gasoline generator. It’s an excellent all-around power source for camping and outdoors, at home when the powers out, and so much more.

Bluetti AC300 + B300 Power Station Bundle – was $3,698, now starts at $2,999

Bluetti AC300 and B300 Power Station combo stacked on top of each other.

During the Black Friday sale, Bluetti is discounting select bundles, which is the best way to buy multiple power stations at once. The AC300 and B300 bundle, for example, starts at $2,999, which was originally $3,698. Some of the other bundles are on sale too, allowing you to save up to $4,000 by ordering them together. You can shop that bundle, and the others, below!

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