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This ultra-loud, waterproof Bose Bluetooth speaker is $30 off for Cyber Monday

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As we prepare for Cyber Monday, we’re already hunting down great deals on electronics and gadgets for you. We’ve got one of the best Cyber Monday deals on portable speakers that’s already available: The Bose SoundLink Micro speaker on sale for $70 at Walmart. That’s $30 off the standard price of $100.

The SoundLink Micro packs a serious sound punch in a small package, with plenty of volume. And because it’s by Bose, a top brand among audiophiles, you know it will sound good as well. The speaker is portable and waterproof, with an IPX7 rating so it can survive a dip in the pool or a torrential rainstorm with no problems. It’s designed to be rugged too, with a soft exterior which can handle drops and impacts without denting or scratching.

One really handy feature of the speaker is the tear-resistant silicone strap on the back, with which you can attach the speaker to your backpack, cooler, or even your bike, so you can enjoy music on the go. With up to six hours of playback, you’ll be set for a day’s exploration outdoors or a long night’s partying.

You can also link the speaker up to an Amazon Echo Dot for voice control, or use the speaker to access the Siri and Google Assistant on your phone. It comes in classic black and dark blue colors, or a bright and funky orange if you like to stand out.

Or try the rugged JBL Clip 2 portable speaker

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Alternatively, another option for a rugged portable speaker is the JBL Clip 3, which is on sale for $30 at Amazon, down from $70. This speaker has a carabiner clip to hang from just about anywhere, and it’s also IPX7 waterproof rated. It comes in a massive range of colors, including bright yellow, red, and teal, and there’s even an option for a cool camouflage finish. You’ll get 10 hours of playtime and the ability to connect wirelessly to devices via Bluetooth.

While we’re waiting for Cyber Monday 2019 to begin in earnest, we’re combing through the internet to bring you the very best deals on everything from kitchen gadgets to 4K TVs. You can find all the best deals at our constantly updated Cyber Monday deals hub.

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