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This luxury Breville espresso machine deal will save you $100

The Breville Barista Pro Espresso Machine preparing to make coffee.

Most coffee lovers start searching for Nespresso deals and Keurig deals when they want to buy a coffee maker or espresso machine. However, don’t forget about Breville, another brand that makes top-quality products for people who can’t start their day without drinking a cup of joe. Here’s an offer that warrants consideration — Best Buy’s $100 discount for the Breville Barista Pro, which brings the price of the espresso machine down to $700 from its sticker price of $800.

The best espresso machines not only make amazing cups of coffee, but they also make it easy to do so. That’s one of the benefits of the Breville Barista Pro with its easy-to-understand interface that provides you with all the necessary information to make top-quality coffee in the comfort of your own kitchen. It also features a built-in conical burr grinder that provides the exact amount of ground coffee, with the grind size and dose adjustable to your own preferences. The 54mm porta-filter with doses of 19 grams to 22 grams provides full flavor, for the same consistent and balanced espresso that you can get from coffee shops.

With the Breville Barista Pro’s ThermoJet heating system, the espresso machine reaches the optimum extraction temperature in just 3 seconds, with instantaneous transition from espresso to steam. Meanwhile, its Digital Temperature Control PID makes sure that water is delivered at the temperature that you want, give or take 2 degrees Celsius, for optimal espresso extraction according to your tastes. The Breville Barista Pro also comes with a milk frother, single-wall and dual-wall filter baskets, and a dose trimming tool.

If you want a top-of-the-line espresso machine in your kitchen so that you can brew the best cup of coffee every morning, you shouldn’t miss Best Buy’s offer for the Breville Barista Pro. It’s down to $700 from its original price of $800, but we’re not sure how long this deal will last. Whether you’re a coffee-making veteran or you’re just starting to learn the craft, the Breville Barista Pro will be a very valuable companion, and you can get the espresso machine for this discounted price if you hurry and click that Buy Now button.

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