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Can’t find a Dyson hair dryer? This $179 Shark is the next best thing

Shark HyperAir blow dryer for Cyber Monday.

If you were hoping to find some amazing deals on a Dyson hair dryer in the growing list of the best Cyber Monday deals, well, you might end up disappointed. But there is a suitable alternative, and it’s from an excellent brand too! Right now, Walmart is offering a Cyber Monday hair dryer deal on the Shark HyperAir Fast-Drying Hair Blow Dryer! The discount is worth $20, dropping the price of the Shark HyperAir down to $179 with free shipping. It’s a great system that provides ultra-fast drying, right when you need it, without causing heat damage to your beautiful hair. You can read more about the deal and the Shark HyperAir below!

Thanks to special heating technology, the Shark HyperAir measures heat output up to 1,000 times per second, ensuring that you get a consistent temperature that won’t damage hair. Extreme heat damage is a real concern if you’re blow-drying your hair a lot, but this system reduces the risk. It also automatically optimizes heat and airflow settings to provide the best possible experience — and the fastest drying. There are three heat and three airflow settings, as well, which can be adjusted manually if you want to handle it yourself. You can increase or decrease flows, choosing between low, medium, and high options.

A Shark IQ styling concentrator is included with the hair dryer, which attaches to the end and redirects the heat, and airflow, to precisely where you want it. The entire system is ideal for all hair styles but works well with straight, wavy, and curly hair, and it has auto presets for all of those hair types. It will create less frizz and tangles, and produce a beautiful, even shine. When you’re done, your hair will look healthier and more attractive than ever.

It weighs under 2 pounds, as well. That makes it both lightweight and easy to toss into a gym bag or luggage if you’re taking a trip. You can make sure you always have your trusty speed dryer with you, to fancy up your curls, waves, or however your hair sits naturally!

Any other day, the Shark HyperAir would cost you $200, or more, but it’s on sale right now at Walmart for Cyber Monday with a discount of $20. That puts the final price at $179 with free shipping, and it’s one of the best deals we’ve found so far on hair dryers — no Dysons unfortunately.

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