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Cozyna Air Fryer lets you enjoy your favorite fried foods, cuts fat by 70%

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Enjoy your favorite food without worrying about ruining your figure with a multipurpose air fryer that makes frying, grilling, baking, and even roasting easier and healthier than ever before. The Air Fryer by Cozyna uses specialized air and heating technology rather than excess oil to fry your favorite foods. The result is fried food cooked to perfection u-with 70 percent less fat than you’d get from traditional frying methods.

The powerful airflow evenly fries food without any turning needed. This means your food is savory and crispy on the outside, and mouth-wateringly tender on the inside. In addition to the heated airflow, powerful direct heat from above quickly crisps your favorite foods, producing delicious, golden-brown results while at the same time draining excess fat.

The air fryer is a one-stop solution for all of your meals, as it also grills, roasts, and bakes. It comes with multiple cookbooks and more than 50 deliciously simple recipes. This model has an easy-to-use dial with simple display that makes cooking seamless. Just turn the dial to set the right temperature, click and turn the second dial to set the time, then click to start cooking. The next thing you know, you’ll have a plate full of crunchy fries with just a fraction of the fat.

This kitchen must-have comes with various functions to make mealtime easier than ever before.  With multiple dishwasher-safe components such as a removable nonstick drawer and food basket, cleanup is a breeze. A removable handle makes it easy to switch between accessories, and store and clean all parts.

So if you love fried foods, but want to cut down on those high levels of fat, the Cozyna Air Fryer is just the appliance for you. Pick one up today for just $90 on Amazon after a $109 discount.


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