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Amazon sweetens up the Cuisinart Programmable Coffee Maker with a 61% price cut

Amazon Prime Day is on its way but you don’t necessarily have to wait until then to snag awesome deals. A surge of caffeine may just be what anyone needs to wake up. If you’re a coffee lover, then you must know that more than a pick-me-up in the morning, coffee is also a craft. There may be a lot of coffeemakers out there but every great cup of coffee can come with a hefty price. The Cuisinart Perfect Temp Programmable Coffee Maker (DCC-3200) usually sells for $185, but now is your chance to get it for only $71 with Amazon’s sweet deal.  At 61% off, you get to score big on savings as well as enjoy the perks of a fresh cup of coffee.

The stainless-steel finish of this programmable coffeemaker can jazz up any countertop as well as entertain guests. Cuisinart’s DCC-3200 boasts of having state-of-the-art technology that guarantees hotter coffee without the taste or quality compromised. Whether you’re brewing for a group of people or just for yourself, this coffee maker can deliver as much as 14 cups or as little as a couple of cups at a time. If you’re rushing or you simply can’t wait for the whole pot to finish brewing, the brew-pause feature allows you to remove the carafe at any point to pour yourself a cup or two. Also, the glass carafe has a knuckle guard to prevent you from getting burnt and a lid that’s easy to pop in and out.

This coffee maker is only one early Prime Day deal on small kitchen appliances. We’ve found a bunch more to enhance your cooking needs:

The fully automatic control panel is where things get exciting as this is the part where you customize your brew to suit your taste. You can choose between regular or bold flavor profiles as well as set the brew time up to 24 hours ahead so your cup is ready when you are. The carafe temperature is also adjustable from low to high to match your preference.

Enjoy your coffee in peace and with less of the worries. The alert tone that signals your coffee is ready can be switched off so that you don’t sit through the beeping sound or have your dog barking because of it. The self-cleaning capabilities and auto-shut off timers make this coffee machine convenient, especially for those busy mornings. Though paper filters have proven to be better in terms of ensuring that sediments don’t pass through, the reusable gold-tone filter provided is a good backup.

It comes as no surprise that the Cuisinart Perfect Temp Programmable Coffee Maker (DCC-3200) is featured in our roundup of the best coffee makers of 2019, though it is quite shocking that such a high-quality coffee maker can have a reasonable price tag. You can now have perfectly brewed coffee every day at a discounted price of $71 from Amazon.

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