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Best Amazon Ring Cyber Monday deals 2019: Doorbells, smart lighting, and more

Now that Black Friday is over, Cyber Monday marks the last day that you’ll be able to cash in on the best Ring deals we’ve seen all year. Nearly all of the Ring line is on sale, and Amazon’s created some attractive bundles with its doorbells that we think are worth considering over just buying the doorbell itself.

These sale prices only are good through 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time tonight, so time is of the essence if you plan to take advantage of these deals. We always recommend buying sooner rather than later, as occasionally deals to go out of stock and may not return until after the sales event.

Our favorite two bundle deals are below.

Ring Video Doorbell 2: $139, this year with a $10 Echo Show 5

Last year, Amazon bundled its third-generation Echo Dot with the Ring Video Doorbell 2 for Cyber Monday. This year’s deal is way better in our opinion. The Echo Show 5 replaces the Dot, for the same price as last year’s bundle: $139. In all, you’ll save $150 off of buying these two separately at full price. And this deal to us makes so much more sense: Once you have the Ring skill active, you’ll be able to see who’s at your door.

Sure, you can also get the doorbell by itself for $10 less, but why would you? You can always gift the Echo Show 5 to somebody else if you don’t want or need it.

Ring Peephole Cam: $179, includes an extra battery and Echo Show 5

The other good early deal we’re seeing is the Ring Peephole Cam bundle which includes both an extra rechargeable battery and Echo Show 5 for just $179, saving you $140. If you’d like a video doorbell but live in an apartment or rent, this is a perfect solution. The cam is installed through your existing peephole, which can be easily reassembled if you move. With 1080p video and great night vision capabilities, you’ll be able to see clearly who’s at your door. The added extra rechargeable battery makes keeping your doorbell charged very easy.

With the companion Echo Show 5, you’ll be able to see who’s at the door (and do the same through the great Ring app). There are other options available, too. You can get just the Peephole Cam itself for $149, a $50 savings, and with an extra battery for $20 more, a $60 savings.

What Ring deals are available for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday has brought a ton of deals on Ring devices. While we focused on the doorbell deals above, we’ve also spotted great deals on Ring Alarm security system packages and its new Ring Lighting line, too. The best deals here are probably the Ring Alarm bundles, in our opinion.

Here’s a more extensive list of those deals.

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