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Jump Into DEATHLOOP Now and Solve Its Timeloop ‘Murder Puzzle’

Colt kicks an enemy in Deathloop.

If at first you don’t succeed… die, die again. What a great tagline! It succinctly introduces the concept of Deathloop, a game that will see you constantly reliving the same day to find answers. There are certainly some great games coming down the pipeline, many of them included in the latest gaming deals, and Deathloop is one of them.

Developed by Arkane Lyon, the masters behind Dishonored, Deathloop is described as a next-gen first-person shooter and “murder puzzle,” that will see players trapped in a seemingly endless timeloop. What does that mean, exactly? Well, that’s the entire point of the game, to find out! It’s available now for the PlayStation 5, as well as PC. Anyone who pre-ordered received the bonus Storm Rider Colt Skin, One Trinket, and PS5 players exclusively received a Royal Protector Machete! Why not jump in and work on solving that puzzle?

Welcome to DEATHLOOP’s Lethal Cycle

In our Deathloop review, Giovanni mentioned the game might have an obnoxious multiplayer mode, but there’s a lot to love. Deathloop has a creative premise, an impeccable style and flair, fun powers, tons of customization, and the shooting mechanics feel fantastic.

You play Colt, a reluctant and slightly confused character who wakes up in a Groundhog-Day-Esque timeloop. He relives the same day over and over, and it’s up to you to find out why. But there’s also an assassin after him, plenty of enemies to fend off, and a strange seaside town called Blackreef to explore. The ultimate goal is to take out eight different targets all in one day, all of which are spread out around the town.

Deathloop is “a stylish action game that’s entertaining in every gear.” Even more exciting is the fact that it’s out now, so no waiting around to play it! You can buy it and pick it up — or have it shipped — then install it, and play. It’s available exclusively on PS5 for consoles, but you can also pick it up for PC. It’s $60 for the Standard Edition, or $80 for the Deluxe Edition. We’re not sure yet how long the timed exclusivity will last. If you’ve managed to snag a PS5 then you can visit Blackreef as soon as you have the game in hand.

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