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This Dell QHD gaming monitor is a full $150 off during Cyber Week

Cyber Monday may be over, but it’s not the end of sales. Cyber Week is picking up where the weekend of savings left off, and there will be fantastic Cyber Week deals dropping consistently over the next few days. Dell has a great one for gamers looking to upgrade: A 32-inch curved gaming monitor for 25% off. You can snag this beautiful monitor for only $460 — $150 off the usual sticker price. If you’ve been waiting through Black Friday and Cyber Monday to upgrade your gaming rig, here’s one of your last opportunities.

Dell boasts the first 31.5-inch curved Quad HD monitor. While just shy of 4K, Quad HD is the next best thing. Deep blacks in the dark areas will contrast with vibrant colors. The monitor refreshes at up to 165Hz, so you’ll finally be able to appreciate games rendered in 60 fps. The curved monitor just adds to the immersion and is proof that this screen is engineered for gaming. The screen is edge-lit, which allows it to be extremely thin. This is a common setup for affordable monitors.

On top of that, Dell added all the bells and whistles to this one. AMD Premium Pro Sync minimizes image tearing, frame rate counters can adjust your frame rate during a game, and the display is certified to offer over one billion different colors. If gaming isn’t your sole passion, or you just need to use the same computer for work and fun, this monitor has still got you covered. Adobe Cloud programs for picture and video editing will look stunning, and even 4K streamed movies will get that extra pop. If you’re looking to upgrade your entire setup, check out our curated list of the best Cyber Week PC deals still available.

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Cyber Week is here to save the savings stragglers. If you’ve been holding off on upgrading your setup, this $150 discount is probably the time to commit. We’re not sure how long this deal, or any deal during Cyber Week, will last. If you’re interested in some other Cyber Week monitor deals, check out the options below:

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