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Why you should upgrade to a curved gaming monitor with this Dell deal

Dell 32 Curved Gaming Monitor on a white background.

Curved gaming monitors can provide various benefits if you’re willing to spend a little more than you would on a traditional monitor panel. That being said, with good gaming monitor deals like this one from Dell, you can mitigate the cost and grab one today for only $300, which is a $230 discount on its normal $530 price. This deal gets you Dell’s pretty great S3222DGM, which may not tell you much, but rest assured it is a curved gaming monitor with some pretty good specs.

There are various benefits when it comes to curved monitors over flatscreens. For starters, curved screens are much more immersive since they surround you more than a flatscreen can, and with the Dell 32 Curved Gaming Monitor’s 31.5-inch screen, you get more field of view than a traditional 27-inch screen equivalent. Speaking of field of view, you also get a much wider one when going with a curved monitor, and you avoid the distortions that tend to happen when viewing a 3D world on a flat panel. Since every part of the curved screen is theoretically the same, or relatively the same, that means anything on the edges of your view maintains its geometry and doesn’t get warped. That last part is important if you’re playing an FPS game and need accuracy.

Besides that, there are some claims that curved monitors can help with eye strain or are generally more comfortable for your eyes. The S3222DGM not only has a 16:9 aspect ratio but also a resolution of 2560 x 1440, as well as up to 165Hz refresh rate if you use DP 1.2. These features should also theoretically help decrease eye strain and generally make the viewing experience better, with the smoother motion of the higher frame rates being less jarring when playing games or watching action movies.

While curved monitors are generally more expensive than their flat brethren, they can offer a better viewing experience, especially for people who game or regularly watch action-packed shows or sports. Given that the Dell 32 Curved Gaming Monitor is going for only $300, it’s a pretty great time to invest in a curved monitor. If you’re looking for an overall upgrade to your PC gaming setup, check out some of our gaming PC deals that can help drive the power of the S3222DGM.

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