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Need a new laptop? The Dell XPS 13 is the one to buy today

Most Prime Day deals may have finished, but if you thought that meant the discounts were over, think again. Dell’s laptop sale is still ongoing, with the Dell XPS 13 knocked down to $730, a tasty $120 saving. For one of the best laptops around, that is a great deal — and shows there are still discounts to be had even after Prime Day has finished.

However, if for any reason you miss this sale, there are always Black Friday Dell XPS deals to look forward to.

That’s a great deal for one of our favorite touchscreen laptops. It’s perfect for getting your work done, as its 16:10 display fits in more of the things you need: More lines in your Word document, more rows in your spreadsheet, and less scrolling on web pages. If you need a laptop for school or work, this is the one to get.

But this isn’t simply a productivity laptop. One of the best laptops you can buy, it has nearly everything you could want from a portable computer, including a beautiful display with razor-thin bezel, a super-comfy keyboard with large keys, and a clever cooling system that really lets the powerful components sing. It’s all wrapped up in a diamond-cut aluminum chassis that oozes class.


Before Dell’s sale, this laptop would normally cost you $850, but today you can get it for a mere $730. With Amazon’s Prime Day sale over and Dell’s event counting down the hours, this deal likely won’t be around for much longer. If you’ve had your eye on the Dell XPS 13 — a device we crowned “laptop endgame” — now is the time to buy.

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