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Dell is practically giving away the XPS 13 touchscreen laptop today

Dell XPS 13 Touch on White Background

There are a few things you need to keep in mind as you’re browsing through laptop deals, especially if you’re looking for a daily-driver device. You need something sturdy, robust, sleek, and made by a reputable laptop manufacturer. That’s why some of our favorite recommendations for laptop buyers are Dell XPS deals, which are well-balanced, no-compromise computers. That’s why you should check out one of the best Dell laptop deals on the brand’s website. Right now, you can pick up the Dell XPS 13 Touch for only $750, a massive $300 discount from the original price of $1,050. Hurry, because this sale ends very soon!

The Dell XPS 13 was already one of the best laptops you could get, and the touchscreen makes it even better. In our Dell XPS 13 review, we said that it “has been the best laptop you can buy for years.” This model takes the already incredible XPS 13 formula and adds a striking, full-width 13.3-inch touchscreen. It allows you to interact with elements on the screen while still maintaining the exceptional display quality that XPS laptops are renowned for. There’s also a responsive, clicky keyboard that you’ll love as soon as you start typing on it. Thanks to the flexibility in the control schemes, you’ll have a wonderful time taking notes, reading books, and browsing the web.

Powering the laptop is an 11th-generation Intel Core i5 processor with a clock speed of up to 4.2GHz, 256GB of fast solid-state storage, and a high-speed 8GB DDR4x onboard memory stick.  This is more than enough power to run everything you need, from simple tasks like creating research papers to more complex work like creating large spreadsheets or even light multimedia creation. If you plan to take this with you daily, you’ll appreciate the all-day battery life and compactness that makes it easy to put into your backpack. This laptop also has fantastic connectivity, with the latest Intel Wi-Fi chipset, Bluetooth 5.1, and two Thunderbolt 4 ports for Displayport, input, and power delivery.

Whether you’re a student looking for the right class device or an on-the-go professional, the Dell XPS 13 Touch is an ideal laptop. This laptop is typically priced at $1,050, but you can get it on sale right now for only $750. That’s a discount of $300! This deal will end very soon, so click that “Buy Now” button before it disappears!

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