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Staples has boxes of disposable face masks for $13 for Black Friday

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Staples Black Friday sales have already kicked off and there are discounts on just about everything. You can currently grab a box of 50 disposable face masks for just $13 — down $12 from its original price of $25. With the pandemic still raging on, it’s always a good time to stock up on face masks — especially when they’re on sale. Go buy a box of these face masks today!

It’s safe to say that wearing a mask has become a part of our daily lives, and with cases on the rise and winter almost upon us, you’re going to need to stock up on your masks for the season. These disposable face masks are heavily discounted and at such a low price, they’re going to sell out quickly. If you’ve been looking for cheap face masks, you better act now.

These disposable face masks come with an elastic earloop that fits snugly over your ears. There’s even an adjustable nose clip so you can prevent any gaps and keep your fit secure and help prevent your glasses from fogging up. They’re also 3-ply and feature a tough, polypropylene construction. What this means is that you have three layers of protection against viruses, bacteria, pollen, and other allergens. Remember, though: These masks are made for adults, so make sure you don’t use them on your young ones. Also, keep in mind that these aren’t medical-grade masks and should not be used in a clinical setting. They’re not meant to be reusable, so make sure you toss your used mask at the end of the day and opt for a fresh one the next day. With 50 masks, you should easily be secure for more than a month. You can even buy more than one pack and never worry about running low on face masks ever again.

At only just over 25 cents per mask, you really can’t find a better deal on disposable face masks than this. Buy this pack of 50 disposable face masks for just $13 today and stock up for your entire family or essential small business. Also, make sure to check out the rest of these available Black Friday deals to get your holiday shopping done in time. This is the last major sales event of the year — make it count.

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