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Hate cleaning? The DreameBot L10s Ultra operates hands-free for up to 60 days

DreameBot L10s Ultra returning to base to empty dustbin and refill water tank.

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At this point, robot vacuums are a dime a dozen, and they all come with the same basic features, namely automated cleaning with little handholding if any. They’ll leave a dock, clean, and return to charge. Some work better than others, especially when it comes to navigating the hazards and obstacles around your home. The prevailing idea behind many of them and how they’re designed is to offer convenience. With them, you spend less time cleaning manually and more time relaxing, or realistically, doing other more important chores around your home. But while they’re supposed to be convenient, many of these devices are not. They can be frustrating, running into problem after problem and stealing your attention away — like when something gets caught in the brush, you need to empty the dustbin, or the vacuum stops working altogether. Dreametech’s DreameBot L10s Ultra will change that experience for the better.

It’s an intelligent, full-featured robot vacuum that tacks on layers upon layers of convenience. What do we mean by that, exactly? For starters, it’s powered by AI action and reliable sensors — an RGB camera and 3D structured light — to map out and learn your home, and to tailor cleaning strategies on the fly. In this way, it plans more effective routes. The auto-empty base means it can continue cleaning for up to 60 days hands-free. The vacuum will clean, and when the dustbin is full, it will return to its dock, which auto-empties the debris into a 3-liter dust bag, and the vacuum is off to the races again, cleaning some more. Plus, the device automatically cleans and dries its mops, and yes, this system can both vacuum and mop your floors. It will rinse its pads, scrub them against the base plate, and blow hot air on them to dry them out. All the while, you can kick back and let the little guy do its thing. If that sounds enticing to you, keep reading to learn more about it. We’ll also explain how to save $209 on your pre-order!

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Hands-free, hassle-free, and impressive cleaning all in one

DreameBot L10s Ultra mop brushes for shiny floors.

The DreameBot L10s Ultra combines your standard vacuum with a mop for a reliable clean, and also tacks on some impressive support. The mop is self-cleaning, so it will keep the brushes free and clear of debris. Also, it will automatically lift the mop when the device moves over a carpet or soft surface, so it doesn’t make a bigger mess. As for the vacuum, it’s powerful with 5,300 pascals of suction power. Comparably, most robot vacuums offer only half of that, if even that much. The auto-emptying support thanks to the base means the vacuum will keep its dustbin clean after cleaning sessions, allowing for up to 60 days of hands-free cleaning. Even then, the only thing you’ll have to do is empty the 3-liter dustbin in the base so that the DreameBot can continue emptying on its own.

It truly is a “set and forget” type of system with automatic dust collection, mop-cleaning, automatic and fast mop drying, and more. The base will refill the mop’s water tank too, for example. Advanced AI mapping and navigation ensure the vacuum avoids obstacles and furniture, learns the layout of your home, and moves safely from room to room to deliver an effective and thorough clean.

At any time, you can take control of the vacuum using the DreameHome app, which you can also use to schedule cleaning sessions and define optimized settings, like creating maps for multi-floor houses, putting up virtual walls and no-go zones, and establishing a routine. You can even use the app — or voice commands through Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant — to remotely control the vacuum. Start, stop, and alter cleaning sessions with a quick tap or voice callout. All of it makes for a comprehensive, convenient, and hands-free solution that gets you back to your life, and truly helps you recover some personal time.

Pre-order now for a $209 discount!

DreameBot L10s Ultra cleaning carpet to remove debris.

It’s not difficult to see why the DreameBot L10s Ultra is a step up from so many other robot and smart vacuums out there. So often, these devices are meant to free you from your cleaning duties, but end up giving you more to worry about, especially when they run into obstacles, get items trapped in their rollers, and make bigger messes than they clean. The L10s Ultra will leave your floors clean and shiny, almost like new. And the best part is that you don’t have to tend to it. You can control the vacuum remotely when you need to, otherwise, it will continue cleaning on schedule, returning to the base, emptying its dustbin, and refilling water for the mop for up to 60 days.

Available now for pre-order, you can get an exclusive discount by nabbing your DreameBot L10s Ultra early. How? When you pre-order — you only have to put $9 down — Dreametech will immediately send a $209 voucher to your email. Later, when it launches, just apply your voucher for a great discount! Hurry though, because pre-orders will end at 9 a.m. PT October 9. That’s your final opportunity to get the hefty discount and get your L10s Ultra early!

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