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Staples discounts Duracell AA and AAA batteries for Black Friday

Buying a ton of new tech gadgets this Black Friday? You’re going to need a huge stack of batteries. Staples has already launched its Black Friday sales and you can find all sorts of heavily-discounted Duracell batteries including AA and AAA batteries. You can get a stack of either for just $14 — down $6 from their original price of $20. These are some of the best Black Friday deals on batteries available, so you don’t want to waste time before snapping them up. At such low prices, they’re bound to sell out quickly.

Duracell AA Alkaline Batteries — $14, was $20

Use these batteries for your computer accessories, office supplies, and more. AA batteries are built to last longer and Duracell batteries are even more durable than other traditional brands. Once you have these AA batteries plugged in, you won’t have to worry about your gadgets powering off for more than a year. They also come with a 10-year storage guarantee so you know these batteries were built to last — no matter when you plan to use them. You get a total of 20 batteries in one pack which means you’re paying less than $1 per battery — talk about value for money. Whether you’re stocking up for a power outage during the colder months or just investing in some new batteries for your gadgets, you won’t find batteries at a lower price than this. Buy these Duracell AA batteries today for 30% off — only $14!

Duracell AAA Alkaline Batteries — $14, was $20

This 20-pack of AAA batteries is perfect for use in smaller, portable devices like remotes or digital cameras. They’re much thinner and more compact than AA batteries which means they run out quicker — but most gadgets that function with these batteries don’t require much power anyway. These also come with Duracell’s 10-year storage guarantee meaning these batteries are more durable than their competitors. Duracell even vows to replace any batteries with manufacturing defects, so you know you can trust their brand when it comes to purchasing batteries. Feel free to stock up on a couple of packs of these AAA Duracell batteries, you’ll never have to worry about your devices powering down ever again. Buy them now for just $14.

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