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Save $100 off a high tech Dyson space heater to help you survive the winter

Dyson Air Purifier, heater and fan

The last few days have been especially cold, especially if you live in the northeast. Protect yourself from the chills this Christmas and buy this Dyson air purifier and heater now for the reduced price of $400 — down $100 from its regular price of $500. There are only a few air purifier deals as good as this, so you need to be quick. The longer you wait, the longer you risk this must-have winter essential running out of stock.

This Dyson air purifier and heater comes in three stylish, metallic colors that will easily blend into your living space. It’s 3-in-1 so it won’t just purify hot air but during the summer, you can also use this gadget for clean, cool air. Don’t be fooled by its compact size, this purifier will keep the air feeling fresh in the largest of spaces. Its purification capacity is 800 square feet, bigger than most studio apartments in Manhattan. The inbuilt Jet Focus technology also allows you to decide how you want the air dispersed around your room, allowing you to also focus this air purifier solely on yourself when no one else is home. There are 10 different fan speeds, so depending on how hot or cold you are, you can easily personalize this Dyson air purifier. This gadget also oscillates, if you’re looking to evenly disperse the air around your living space.

This Dyson air purifier has a 360-degree HEPA filter. These are the best filters on the market as they capture the smallest of particles — as small as 0.3 microns — to keep the air free of germs. Anything from pollen, dust, or other allergens will be sucked out of your atmosphere with this filter, so you’ll never get the sniffles. There’s even a light indicator that will let you know when it’s time to replace the filter. You can place this Dyson air purifier anywhere in your room, it has a 6-foot cord length if you’re short on accessible outlets in your home.

With all these amazing features, and the ability to dispense both hot and cold air, this Dyson air purifier is a great buy at its current price of $400. Buy it now and protect yourself from all the germs and allergens this flu season — you’ll thank us later.

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