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Hurry! Save $50 on Dyson Airwrap in unmissable early Prime Day deal

Dyson products demand a high price because they are high quality, and the company’s line of hair care products is no exception. Prime Day is just a few days away, but several early Prime Day deals have already begun to appear. With so many of these products in high demand, many are likely to sell out before the weekend even gets here.

The Dyson Airwrap has been discounted from its original price down to $500. This hair styling kit is designed to provide salon-level results from the comfort of home without damaging your hair. It uses the Coanda effect to wrap hair around the barrel of the styler without using clamps or gloves, yielding beautiful results without burning or damaging your hair.

The Dyson Airwrap works with multiple styles of hair to help users curl, wave, smooth, and dry their hair without the use of extreme heat. This styler is safe to use even for those with sensitive scalps.

The set includes two 1.2-inch Airwrap barrels, two 1.6-inch Airwrap barrels, a firm smoothing brush, a soft smoothing brush, and a volumizing brush. The attachments can be connected to the barrel with an easy one-click system that allows you to easily swap out attachments while styling.

All of the accessories as well as the Airwrap itself come in a storage case with a non-slip heat mat. Admittedly, the case looks a little bit like an enormous Bluetooth headphone case.

You can choose from three different airspeeds and three different heating settings, as well as the “cold shot”–an 82-degree shot to set your hair after you’ve finished styling it.

In a time when it’s not as easy to get to the salon as it used to be, the Dyson Airwrap can give you professional-level results from home. Even if you can’t go out anywhere, you can look fantastic for your next client meeting over Zoom.

If you’re trying to find a way to improve your styling game without becoming a cosmetologist yourself, give the Dyson Airwrap a look. Keep an eye out this weekend for other Dyson deals to help you save money on high-end products.

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