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Save $45 on Sid Meier’s Civilization VI for Nintendo Switch today

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch owners looking for early Prime Day deals should check out the offer for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. Prime Day won’t start until October 13, but Civilization VI is already on the list of Prime Day gaming deals with a $45 discount, taking the game’s price from $60 to $15.

Civilization VI, originally released for the PC in October 2016 before arriving on the Nintendo Switch about two years later, is the latest iteration of the long-running strategy franchise. Similar to previous entries in the series, your goal is to develop a civilization from a small tribe into a world power, achieving victory through one of the five win conditions in the base game: Science, Culture, Domination, Religion, and Score.

In Civilization VI, you will establish and improve cities, gather resources, and build your army, all while managing practically every aspect of your civilization. That is just the very tip of the iceberg though, as the game’s mechanics are deep enough to keep veterans of the series hooked, while enjoyable enough to attract newcomers to the franchise.

Once you think you’ve seen everything there is to see in Civilization VI, you can check out the Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm expansions, the Red Death multiplayer mode that attempts to mimic battle royale mechanics, and the New Frontier season pass that includes six content packs releasing every other month until March 2021.

Games of Civilization VI tend to go long, but playing on the Nintendo Switch means that going out of the house won’t interrupt your game. With the console’s handheld mode, you will be able to play on the go, allowing you to take turns during your commute or while lined up somewhere, for example. Once you get home, you can just insert the console into its dock and continue your game on your TV.

Civilization VI for the Nintendo Switch at only $15 is a steal. The game offers hundreds of hours of gameplay and a change of pace from the action-packed blockbusters that are all the rage right now. You can avail yourself of the $45 discount from the game’s regular price of $60 at Amazon, ahead of its highly anticipated Prime Day on October 13.

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