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This (early) Prime Day deal saves you $60 on the Samsung T7 Touch Portable SSD

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As Prime Day approaches, we’re seeing some amazing early Prime Day deals on all sorts of fantastic tech, including external hard drive deals. As we work more from home, backing up our files has never been more important, so having the right storage drive is key. Right now, you can save $60 on one of the best, the Samsung T7 Touch SSD. It’s only $170 at Amazon, down from its regular price of $230. That’s 1TB of space, and a whole lot of peace of mind, at a discount!

A very quick lesson on SSD and why it’s important. SSD stands for Solid State Drive. In older hard disk drives, or HHDs, the information was stored on different mechanical parts that moved together like gears (they were spinning disks). As its name suggests Solid State Drives have no moving parts and use a simpler, more accessible memory chip (NAND flash memory) which is at once way more reliable, less susceptible to damage, and way, way faster.

Whether you’re not always within Wi-Fi access for cloud storage, or you simply prefer something you can carry with you, having portable storage can not only be a lifesaver, it can give you tons more computing power and a great deal of peace of mind. Samsung has not only been an innovator in this space, they’ve built one of the foremast reputations for SSD drives, going long and deep on both their external and internal hard drives over the years.

With the Samsung T7 Portable SSD, which fits easily into your pocket (any pocket), Samsung says that you can transfer files nearly 9.5 times faster than a regular external hard drive. That means one thing: No more waiting for your file transfers or your backup. Samsung knows your data is precious, so it has built the T7 to be shock-resistant and claims it can withstand a drop from up to 6 feet (we recommend you still handle with care). The nice thing is, you can pop it in your bag or pocket and — as long as your day does not involve roller derby — avoid thinking about it as you go about your day.

That means you can walk around with all your work, or hundreds of movies, hundreds of thousands of songs, or your entire photo and video library — right there in your pocket! It’s compatible with Mac, PC, Android, and game consoles like the new PS5, so it’s got all the versatility in the world. It’s a lifesaver.

The Samsung T7 Portable SSD normally retails for $230, but right now, in the lead up to Prime Day, you can get it for $170 and save $60 . We’ve seen some other external hard drive deals out there that might be worth a look, but it’s hard to find a better deal than this one, so snatch it up while you can.

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