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We found a Prime Day deal hack that gets you the Echo Show 5 for next to nothing

Amazon Echo Show 5 review
Terry Walsh/Digital Trends

Update: This deal went away shortly after our post. While you’ll still get all the discounts below, the gift card is now not issued until Amazon receives your trade-in device, and the 25% discount cannot be used for the device you’re buying — instead it’s now for a future Echo purchase. The good news is that the 25% discount is available in your account until November 30. We’d recommend holding on to that discount until Black Friday, another sale where Echo devices are deeply discounted.

Even at $50, the

Echo Show 5

is an outstanding deal. But while we were taking a break from writing about all the latest Prime Day deals to do a little shopping ourselves, we stumbled on a hidden deal that could lower the price of the device as much as 97%. We’re not sure if this is a glitch or not, so act fast!

What you’ll need to have to make it work is a 1st-generation Echo or Dot — any non-Show model will do — to trade in. Amazon, is offering between $5 and $25 per device. If you haven’t taken advantage of the trade-in program before, you’ll also be eligible for a 25% discount on a new compatible Echo device, of which the Echo Show 5 qualifies. Read on before clicking over so you know what to do.

The Prime Day deal is only for Prime members. For everyone else, the Show 5 is still $90. In the worst-case scenario, Prime members will spend about $23 for the Echo Show, which is what we did.

Here’s that deal, broken down.

  • Order an Echo Show 5 at $49.99 with Prime.
  • Trade in a first-generation Echo Dot, and you’ll receive $5 back in the form of instant gift card to bring the price down to $44.99 (the button to do so is on the right-hand side of the page above the add to cart button).
  • The 25% off promotion takes $22.50 off.

Final purchase price with this deal would be $22.49, a savings of 75%!

But wait, it gets better. Because trading in a first-generation Echo gives you $25, the savings are really extreme. Here’s that deal broken down.

  • Order an Echo Show 5 at $49.99 with Prime.
  • Trade in a first-generation Echo, and you’ll receive $25 back in the form of an instant gift card, bringing the price down to $24.99.
  • The 25% off promotion takes $22.50 off

Final purchase price with this deal would be only $2.49! That’s a 97% savings, and one heck of a deal.

Now, there are some caveats. We haven’t tried to do the deal with the regular first gen Echo, but we don’t see why it won’t work. Also, this deal is only good once, so any further Echos you buy won’t get that same discount. Still, look at what we paid for three Echo Show 5s, after trading in two 1st-generation Echos and an Echo Dot — just a little over $80!

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Let us know if you try out this deal and have the same success. And as always with these super-good deals, sometimes they don’t last once they’re discovered, so don’t wait too long. Also, you’ll have until the end of the month to send in your old Echo — don’t forget to do that or you’ll be charged for the promotional gift cards after that date.

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